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I was checking MangaFox's update page, and saw a series called Neko no Koi listed. Naturally, I'll check out anything that has to do with cats, so I click. Bonus: it's BL. Double bonus: it takes place in Kyoto. I'm pretty excited about that, so I start reading. And.

Well, first of all, the scanlator used Electroharmonix to represent a traditional Japanese storefront sign. In my opinion, fonts like that are pretty offensive to begin with, but I could at least give it a pass if this were some kind of acid neon dystopian future Tokyo. For a traditional Kyoto machiya? Um no, what the hell.

But, I thought, maybe I'm being a little too sensitive.

And then it got so much worse.

"You jez told them that it warn't too sweet."

"'Cawse it is, this 'ere shop has been passed down for six generations." (That first word is supposed to represent "of course", btw.)

"If'n you sit dere, your kimono'll git dirty."

"Imma always be wit'chu, Chii."

WHAT THE FUCKING HELL IS THIS. YOU FAIL. DO NOT PASS GO. DO NOT COLLECT $200. YOU MAY NOT USE YOUR GET OUT OF FAIL FREE CARD. I almost don't know which is more offensive, the idea that all Kansai-jin talk like Cletus the Slack-jawed Yokel trying to teach himself AAVE, or that, even if the analogy were accurate, this is still a complete failure of an attempt to write out a dialect. NO ONE on the entire planet talks like that. Oh, and the extra brain-numbing bonus? All four of those lines come from the same character. Just seriously, I don't even.

In far less ragey news, Shounen Maid broke into the top 500 at MangaFox. It was within the top 200 before OneManga closed, then it got pushed back to like 8000. Anyway, chapter 6 is here or here.
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I bet you thought I gave up on this, didn't you?

Shounen Maid chapter 05

I wasn't too keen on this chapter at first, but the more deeply I read it, the more I came to like it. And I absolutely LOVE Madoka at the end. XDD The last panel on page 105 is priceless.

Hey, it counts as studying, right?
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*stabs another impossible-to-translate page*

New icon, yey.
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Finished Shounen Maid chapter 4. I'm uploading the chapters to mangafox, but I realized that no one is going to redistribute them to other sites if they can't download them. ^^; So I made [ profile] sweetspotscans. I know, "real" scanlation groups have their own hosts and IRC and all that, but I don't have time for that shit.

Anyway, if you want to join a super-lazy scanlation group/possible doujinshi circle, just let me know. ^^ All you need is a candy-related nom de plume.

My wrist has been bothering me lately. :x Probably because of my crap computer set-up. I bought a brace today at the drug store, and it seems to be helping a lot. Of course what I really need is a computer desk, but that won't be happening until I clean my apartment. *sigh*

So many things to catch up on. *sadface*


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