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I finished season 2 of Heroes. Thankfully, it got a lot better towards the end. It was like the writers suddenly realized, "Oh crap, everything we've done this season sucks! What should we do?" "How about incredibly gay incest? It worked last season!" Because seriously, that was not going in for a hug, that was going in for a kiss.

In other news, here, have a poll:

[Poll #1254547]

I need new icons. :/


Sep. 4th, 2008 09:02 pm
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Well, I decided to set a deadline for September 16, because that will make it three months. Still not sure what I'll do then, whether I should actively cut all ties, or just set phasers to ignore.

I feel so miserably shitty lately, and Heroes is not helping because season 2 sucks ass. And this stupid song makes me want to cry.
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the good:

Kun arrived! ♥ And she's soooooo cute, especially in the dress [ profile] triplepunch made~ ^o^ I would post pictures if I wasn't so lazy. I want the 13th to come already, so I can order my Komame plushie!! >o<

Kun and I watched to the end of season 1 of Heroes together, and LOL, the "Kyoto" that Hiro goes to is nothing at all like Kyoto. I had a whole night of very strange dreams about incredibly gay superhero brothers running around places that were pretending to be Kyoto but not.

the bad:

I feel like a sucker. Well, that's because I am a sucker. And now I'm wondering again if I should just cut ties entirely. I realize I'm not flavor of the month anymore, and that's my issue to deal with, but that doesn't mean I deserve to be shoved aside and ignored like a discount bottle of Pepsi Blue Hawaii.

Speaking of flavor of the month, I should try to get down to Baskin Robbins today. :9

and the poll-y!

[Poll #1250996]
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I had an interesting dream last night, if your definition of "interesting" is "dorky as hell". It stared out as an Aladdin sequel that focused mostly on Genie, who was trying to save this Middle Eastern princess whose father was like, "Pick one of these guys and marry him," and she was like, "STFU, dun wanna," which of course meant it was time for teh honor killingz. So Genie was working undercover as one of her servants, and then somehow Peter Petrelli (yes, from Heroes) came into it, and unknowingly assimilated Genie's abilities, and that was when it got really interesting. Well, if you're a dork, like I said. 'Cause suddenly Peter could do all this stuff, but had no clue as to how or why or what the limits were. And it makes me think about how the psychological aspects of Peter's power has been pretty untouched upon by the series. It must be pretty tough on one's sense of identity when your abilities are constantly changing. I mean, at any given moment, you could be walking around with some super power inside of you and not even know it. And even if you do find out that you have X power, that doesn't necessarily mean you can control it. And it must be a real leap of faith for Peter to actually use his powers, because he never knows when they're going to cut out on him. Well, I think the concept is interesting, at least. :P Shut up.
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So, I finally got around to watching the first ep of Heroes. My reactions:

1. Hee, brotherslash~
3. Heee, brotherslash~~~~~ <3

Hm. What happens tomorrow will affect the rest of my life. Little nervous. ^^


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