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I woke up this morning from an awesome Kyou Kara Maou! dream in which Conrad had been kidnapped, and Yuuri went into total ass-kicking mode to get him back. Not exactly Maou-mode, because even though he was powered-up, Yuuri was still totally himself, just pissed off and taking names. It was so cool.

Except then it was 4:30 in the morning, and I couldn't fall back asleep. ;_; Then, when I finally fell back asleep at 6:30, I overslept, couldn't find any suitable clothes to wear, and had to skip stopping at 7-11 in order to get to work on time. And since it's exams now, the cafeteria was closed, so I had to eat overpriced Calorie Mate from the vending machine for breakfast.

Calorie Mate is exactly as appetizing as it sounds, although it's not something to help athletes put on muscle, which you might guess from the name. Calorie Mate is sort of Japan's version of an energy bar. It tastes like cardboard (I actually mean that literally), bears no resemblance to any food ever found or created by natural means, and according to the package, is 100% nutritionally balanced. It is the yin to an energy bar's yang; instead of being a slab of congealed sludge which is impossible to chew and guaranteed to give you stomach cramps and constipation, Calorie Mate is a crumbly, moisture-less cookie bar that can't be swallowed without the aid of at least half a liter of water, and is guaranteed to give you stomach cramps and constipation. It's also the only food other than corn soup sold in any of my school's five vending machines.

Needless to say, between the lack of sleep and the rock in my stomach, I'm not having a very good day. I demand super-fun tiems tomorrow to make up for it! >:| [edit] Okay, finding out that my will-call angel got all the protos I wanted AND a bar of Xmvlzencab helps quite a bit, too.

Oh, and I must amend my post from yesterday. Today she spent only half the day on facebook. The other half was spent on twitter.
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the good:

Kun arrived! ♥ And she's soooooo cute, especially in the dress [ profile] triplepunch made~ ^o^ I would post pictures if I wasn't so lazy. I want the 13th to come already, so I can order my Komame plushie!! >o<

Kun and I watched to the end of season 1 of Heroes together, and LOL, the "Kyoto" that Hiro goes to is nothing at all like Kyoto. I had a whole night of very strange dreams about incredibly gay superhero brothers running around places that were pretending to be Kyoto but not.

the bad:

I feel like a sucker. Well, that's because I am a sucker. And now I'm wondering again if I should just cut ties entirely. I realize I'm not flavor of the month anymore, and that's my issue to deal with, but that doesn't mean I deserve to be shoved aside and ignored like a discount bottle of Pepsi Blue Hawaii.

Speaking of flavor of the month, I should try to get down to Baskin Robbins today. :9

and the poll-y!

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I just had a dream that was half Pokémon, half Phoenix Wright, and half Frasier. Needless to say, it was ALL AWESOME.

Damn it, I'm going to have to go looking for Frasier/Niles slash again, aren't I?


Sep. 22nd, 2007 01:55 am
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GAAARRRRRR Some drunk person just rang my very loud and anoying "hey I'm at the front door let me up" buzzer AT TWO IN THE MORNING and woke me from my dream where I was the writer/director/star of my class' entry for the cultural festival! And we were just about to do the big finale!! >OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GEKIDASA.
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I just had the most awesome dream last night, and I have to write it down before I forget. It started out as Phoenix Wright, with the role of Phoenix being played by my dad. (And no, it was NOT a slash dream, so don't ask. :P) We were trying to solve this big murder/conspiracy thing, so we were running around gathering evidence, and not always in the most legal of ways. Breaking into an office building to steal files and driving on the wrong side of the road were both involved. (People still drive on the right side in my dreams.) The victim had also left behind a bunch of random posters, news clippings, assorted objects, etc., and we were sure they meant something, but we couldn't figure out what. I don't quite remember the first method I tried to use to decipher them, but it ended up not working, and our three days of trial were running out, but then I realized that each item corresponded with a song, like the song would be "Cruel Cruel Summer", and one of the news articles would have the word "cruel" in it, so "cruel" would be the keyword, and you had to find all the keywords and arrange them to make the message left by the victim. Then the dream morphed into Harry Potter, and I guess I should cut this in case of spoilers )


Kyoto is very awesome and also very hot. My area of town is pretty modern, so I don't have all the old shrines and stuff that the main part of the city has, but it also means my apartment's a bit nicer (and has air conditioning!) There's a Book Off right across the street, but I'm going to be good and not buy anything there until I get my first paycheck. (What is the Prince of Tennis OVA "Invitation" DVD, anyway?) There's an ice cream shop a few blocks away, but ironically, it's too hot to go there. I feel very sure that I'll horribly offend everyone I come in contact with and do a terrible job at school, but I think a lot of that is me being thrown for a loop by my uncle's death. :/ Today I need to figure out the washing machine, and then repack so I can go to Gifu for Obon.
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I just had this dream where me and two other people were looking for something, or trying to get somewhere, and we had just entered this surreal landscape. Someone mentioned something about a deck of cards, and suddenly, there was this deck, like on the side of a house, made out of playing cards. So we were like, "Whoa, it's like whatever's in your train of thought shows up..... nooo, bad thought, bad thought!" But of course the more you try to not think of something, the more you end up thinking about it, and we spent the rest of the dream running away from the train of thought.


I was also constructing rudimentary sentences in Spanish in my dream, like I greeted a Spanish-speaking person in Spanish, and they asked me (in Spanish) if I spoke Spanish, and I said, "Habla solamente una poca." Geez, I wish my brain was this on the ball when I was awake. >_>

It should be noted that I've had a fear of being run over by a train ever since seeing that episode of Sesame Street.
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Happy Yuuta Day, everybody! :D ♥

According to my bed head this morning, my hair wants me to cosplay Cloud. The scary thing is, with enough mousse and styling paste, I probably could.

I got stuffs in the mail! Fujicestness (and fancy soap!) from [ profile] rkold and InuKainess from [ profile] muscatlove! ^_____^ I wish I could draw like Nekota Yonezou~ ;o;

I had a Fandom High dream the other night. ~_~ At least the bitches got theirs in the end. Too bad that hardly ever happens in real life.

Okay, now about my hair, I SWEAR I did not in ANY WAY influence this, subconsciously or otherwise, because I told Derek to do whatever he wanted with it, as long as it was suitable for JET. But the haircut I ended up with is almost exactly the same as the "king or two queens" kid from Supernatural S1E11, a.k.a. The Episode With So Much Blatant Wincest That It Almost Made Even Me Uncomfortable. (Well, my part's on the other side, but since I look at myself in the mirror, you know.) So even my hair is Wincest-obsessed. XD;;

And on that note, now that I'm able to sit in front of the computer without getting sick, I'm going to go catch up on Supernatural. Don't be surprised if there is keysmashing later. ^_~


Dec. 30th, 2006 05:14 pm
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I had a really good idea for a Supernatural fic.... It even had a plot and everything! And I spent all this time and effort developing it... AND THEN THEY USED THE IDEA IN THE VERY NEXT EPISODE! D: *woe*

My dream last night involved the word shashin (photograph), which I don't even remember learning, but when I looked it up this morning, sure enough, that's what it meant! Yay for subconsious memory.
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I had an interesting dream last night, if your definition of "interesting" is "dorky as hell". It stared out as an Aladdin sequel that focused mostly on Genie, who was trying to save this Middle Eastern princess whose father was like, "Pick one of these guys and marry him," and she was like, "STFU, dun wanna," which of course meant it was time for teh honor killingz. So Genie was working undercover as one of her servants, and then somehow Peter Petrelli (yes, from Heroes) came into it, and unknowingly assimilated Genie's abilities, and that was when it got really interesting. Well, if you're a dork, like I said. 'Cause suddenly Peter could do all this stuff, but had no clue as to how or why or what the limits were. And it makes me think about how the psychological aspects of Peter's power has been pretty untouched upon by the series. It must be pretty tough on one's sense of identity when your abilities are constantly changing. I mean, at any given moment, you could be walking around with some super power inside of you and not even know it. And even if you do find out that you have X power, that doesn't necessarily mean you can control it. And it must be a real leap of faith for Peter to actually use his powers, because he never knows when they're going to cut out on him. Well, I think the concept is interesting, at least. :P Shut up.


Oct. 12th, 2006 12:05 am
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Two of the things I dreamed about last night happened today.

One of them was a fire started by a plane crash.

I'm a little freaked out now.
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I had a pretty awesome FMA dream last night. It was filled with angst and suspense and brotherly obsession, and uh....

Al had his human body, but every time he was hugged by a member of the opposite sex, he turned back into the suit of armor. I just realized that. GEKIDASA, BRAIN.

There was also a scene in which Ed and Vash angsted together, 'cause apparently my dream needed more blond guys angsting about their brothers while trying to save the world against impossible odds.
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I had a ConYuu dream last night~~~~~ ^____^ Conrad had this huge Yuuri complex (just like in the real MaruMa) and he was helping Yuuri become the Maou (just like in the real MaruMa) and it started out on all kinds of slashy crack (just like in the real MaruMa) and then went on some weird and boring tangent that had nothing to do with anything (just like in the real MaruMa). But then there was OMG TEH BIG EXPLOSION!!1 and Conrad wrapped his Strong And Tender Seme ArmsTM tightly around Yuuri as they both dropped to the ground *squeeeeeeeeeeeeee* -- to protect him, of course. (Just like in the real MaruMa!) And it was even nicer since the role of Yuuri was played by me. ^_^=

But waa, I'm trying to get used to typing Conrad with a C instead of a K, but I just can't! ;_; I know it's the official spelling, but... well, it shouldn't be! These are all supposed to be German names, so it should start with a K! Of course, the "official" spelling of Yuuri is Juli, and no way that's gonna happen. Hmm... maybe Konrad feels so much more natural for me because I was living in Minnesota when I learned how to spell. When we moved to the east coast, it took me a really long time to get used to seeing names like Erik and Karl spelled with a C.

Anyway, I'll give in on Conrad, but you'll get my Jozak when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers.
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Okay, so last night, I had a dream about that "husband and wife waves" thing that [ profile] muscatlove posted like 2 weeks ago. Only in my dream, if you stood right where the waves meet, there was a very strange phenomenon. When the waves ran into each other, instead of the normal sound of a wave hitting the beach, there was a sound like an inverse explosion and it felt like your eardrums were turning inside out, and then you couldn't hear anything until the waves receded from each other.

Obviously, my brain got real waves confused with sound waves while I was asleep.

God, I'm such a dork.


Jul. 27th, 2006 02:10 pm
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I set the alarm to give me an extra hour of sleep this morning, but for some reason, it didn't go off, and I slept for three extra hours. XD;; But that's okay, because I had the most amazing dream. It was one part Tamìr trilogy, one part Narnia, one part lesbian porn, and nineteen parts weird.

But since I woke up so late, I don't have time to write it down so I don't forget it.... ;__;
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Gale Harold was in my dream last night. More importantly, Gale Harold and I were making out in my dream last night. ^o^ And he was doing that thing where he smiles and it's really hot and sexy and makes you want to kiss him. Which I did. A lot. *melts into a puddle of incoherent squibbling*
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The medicine I'm taking gives me very vivid dreams. That's good when the dreams are good or cracky TeniPuri movie 2 with Jiroh getting kidnapped my the mob, but very bad when the dreams are bad. >_> I woke up this morning shaking uncontrollably and trying to scream. I was actually mouthing the words.

The good part of my dream was that Sei-chan had all the same abilities as KITT. XD
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Okay, now I'm starting to worry. That photograph was taken less than a mile from where I live.

Had a Simpsons/Prince of Tennis crossover dream last night. Wtf.


May. 14th, 2006 03:24 pm
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It's not a particularly bad hangover, it just won't go away. You'd think I'd have learned last weekend that with all the medicines I'm taking, I just can not drink as much as I used to. x_x

However, I did dream that I was watching (or trying not to watch) a God-awful old western/war movie starring Cary Grant that involved the Battle of Timbuk Two (so named because the warship Timbuk 2 was destroyed, but the Timbuks 1 and 3-7 survived) and an extremely overly drawn-out fight sequence with a cowboy ninja. My brain is amazing.

Name change will be coming soon, when I finally decide on which name I want. And uh, buy a name change token.


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