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As requested, photos of my senbazuru. Sorry the lighting in my apartment is so bad.

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My flickr page is up to date now, so check there for photos of plum blossoms and sumo! This is probably the last chance I'll have to post before leaving on vacation. Sorry for not replying to the people I owe comments to!
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Crane count: 1000.
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I'm not normally a J-drama fan, but My Boss My Hero is hilarious. Especially Kazu, OMG. (And for the record, he was my favorite even before his crush on Makio became canon.) But I'm a little upset that now I can't unilaterally hate everything that has to do with Johnny's.

But you know what would probably make the show even funnier? IF THE GODDAMN SUBTITLES WOULD WORK. I frickin' hate subbers who would rather prove how l337 they are than provide a product that actually works.

I'm also in a really huge HikaGo mood, since I also watched that while making cranes. I have to say, I really do think that HikaGo is even gayer than TeniPuri or OoFuri. And I want fic where Hikaru is sent to a psychiatrist.

I'm really looking forward to the day when I can do something with my "free" time besides watch TV and make cranes.

Crane count: 897 down, 103 to go.
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Today's earthquake was big enough to be put on the USGS map! It was a 4.8, but the epicenter was about 60km northeast of here, so it was still pretty mild, but there was definitely more shaking going on than any of the other earthquakes so far.

Anyway, what people really want to know about: Phoenix Wright: The Not-As-Gay-As-You-Would-Expect Musical!

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tl;dr 6.5/10, would lol again. I just hope it doesn't turn the fandom to shit like TeniMyu did.

Crane count: 758 down, 242 to go.


Feb. 7th, 2009 11:02 am
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Come on now, people. I know it's not what teh animuz would lead you to believe, but there IS more to Japan than Tokyo. Japan did perfectly fine for thousands of years without Tokyo, actually.

Note: this is not directed towards anyone on my flist.

Also, gayest ep of Supernatural ever?

Crane count: 638 down, 362 to go.
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I wish they would stop doing SPN flashbacks, because A) they steal my fic ideas, and B) the actors they get to play the Wee!chesters always suck. However, you'd think the writers could at least not make Dean OMGWTF!OOC.

Anyway, I got my contract extended for another year! \o/ Which is awesome because not only do I want to stay in Japan, but holy shit, the thought of going back to the States and trying to find a job in this climate is terrifying.

Looking at all the info for the Disneyland event makes me realize that I really do want to go to Tokyo Disney. As in, the actual park, not just sitting in the hotel and playing with dolls all day. But good Lord, the cost. x_x I know, you can cut it down a lot by not staying at the Disney hotel, but I WANT to stay at the Disney hotel! ;-; That's half the fun! Why can't they have an option that doesn't cost $500 a night???? Oh well, there's no point in regretting not getting park tickets with my Volks package, since there's no way in hell I could have taken any more days off of work right now. I'm lucky I got just the one.

Here's what I've learned about getting my ears pierced:
• Don't do it yourself.
• Go to a piercing place.
• Don't go to a piercing place because they are all operating without a license and your ears will get infected and fall off.
• Take the piercing kit to a doctor.
• Don't ever use a piercing kit, they will mutilate your ears and leave you permanently disfigured.

Also, dear whoever is in charge of the Tales of the Abyss title cards: LETTERS HAVE MEANINGS. Even if they are letters from a made-up alphabet. You've called at least the last five episodes "Water Metropolis", and it's starting to piss me off. >|

Crane count: 579 down, 421 to go.
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Oh, Japan and your technical dichotomy. Pouring hot water onto a windshield or sidewalk is really not the best way to get rid of ice.

Crane count: 415 down, 585 to go.
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Apparently there is wank about the PW show? o_O

Anyway, I've been incredibly lazy lately, but I'm still on schedule with the senbazuru, and surprisingly, my Japanese course. I also got the most incredibly amazing doujinshi at Super Comic City. I wish I'd bought two copies so I could slice the binding off one and scan it. Oh yes! And I dragged [ profile] rkold to Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and scored an Alice and the Pirates sweater. Wish their dresses would fit me.

Crane count: 409 down, 591 to go.
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Why, look what I got in the mail today!

Yes, that is a ticket for Phoenix Wright: The Cross-dressing Musical! I bought it off a ticket scalping reselling website for only slightly more than twice the face value. (Sorry, [ profile] misspaulette and [ profile] anruiukimi, but I didn't think you guys would want to pay that much, and three seats together would be impossible to find, anyway. ^^;;) But it arrived really fast! I'm impressed!

Ummm, in other news, I've been really busy, if busy means watching tons of downloaded shows. I marathoned all of Merlin (Arthur=hot, y/y?), caught up on 3 eps of Kuroshitsuji, 8 eps of Tales of the Abyss, and watched 11 more eps of GetBackers (seriously, they could just make the entire show onsen filler episodes, and that would be fine). I really want to watch Maria†Holic, so I hope that a group that doesn't suck picks it up. I'm also a little pissed off at Shinsen Subs. Does it really take an extra two weeks just to re-render something in xvid format?

Anyway. I also did a ton of laundry and dishes, so it's not as if I've been entirely lazy. Tomorrow I'll need to do all my New Year's grocery shopping, since Wednesday I'm catching Pokeymans and then going to the aquarium with [ profile] jougetsu. :D Holy crap, the year's almost over!

Oh, and have a piece of Christmas cake:

100 4160

Crane count: 253 down, 747 to go.
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Happy Emperor's Birthday, everyone!

Well, somehow I survived the Christmas party. We had a blindfolded snowman-building relay race, so the kids practiced "go up," "go down," "go left," "go right," etc.

Anyway, if you're wondering what I've been up to lately, I have prepared a lovely picture post for you!

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But [ profile] rkold will be bringing me a shiny new Canon when she comes to visit!!!!! I can't wait! ToT

Oh yes, and speaking of doll pictures.....

how fucking cute is this shit, seriously )

Also strung up my first 40 cranes for my senbazuru. Crane count: 94 down, 906 to go.


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