Mar. 17th, 2010

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Edgeworth game GET!! Thanks, [ profile] rkold! ^3^

I've been so busy lately that I can't even remember all of the stuff that I wanted to post about but was too busy doing to post. It's mostly doll stuff, I guess -- getting ready for Dolpa and the Yume no Grand Prince Hotel event, then going to the events, then shipping stuff out from the events, while keeping up with FCS, too.... And angsting over whether or not to get SD17 Hijikata and SDgr Okita takes up a lot of time and energy, too!

Anyway, I had a ridiculously fun time with Paulette and Mandy at the Yume no Grand Prince Hotel event. And I loved that I didn't have to pack a suitcase! Since the theme was Alice in Wonderland, we went dressed as Alice (me), the Mad Hatter (Paulette), and the Cheshire Cat (Mandy). We had cake for lunch, picked up our dollies, ate a fancy dinner with steak wrapped in pie crust, drooled over Hijikata and Okita, were awed by the one-off display, narrowly avoided a catastrophe at the candlelight party, enjoyed a flute and violin duet with fruity drinks, snuggled in our squishy hotel beds, and helped ourselves to a tray of neverending bacon at breakfast. It was great not having to get to Dolpa early and wait in line. I didn't win or buy anything at Dolpa, but it was fun hanging out. And I fell even more in love with the Black Peace Now skirt that I shouldn't have bought at Pure Sound, which is good, because it helps justify the price.

The other reason that I've been so busy lately is that I've been seeing a lot of movies. In addition to a whole bunch of movies that I want to see coming out all at once, there's the 10AM Classic Film Festival going on. So in a period of two weeks, I saw Rear Window, North by Northwest, Coraline, The Princess and the Frog, and Sherlock Holmes (oh my goodness, so very married, btw). And coming up is I Love You, Phillip Morris, Limelight, The Great Dictator, Some Like It Hot, Alice in Wonderland, and Trigun(!). And of course sumo and cherry blossoms, too! It looks like spring break is going to be every bit as relaxing as winter break was. :-; And every bit as expensive, too, since I'm buying 6 dolls this Saturday. x_x I think I need to bury my wallet.


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