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First of all, [ profile] rkold and [ profile] misspaulette are sneaky, devious, awesome people. They planned a surprise birthday party for me! ♥ There was ice cream, presents, JET people, non-JET people, dollie people, non-dollie people, cheezburgerz, and all-night karaoke! ^o^ (Fastest seven hours ever, btw.) We didn't get the ¥10,000 parfait, but the group two tables over did.

Then we stumbled home around 6 Saturday morning to get some sleep before going over to Tenshi no Sato. Sato was a bit of a bust -- the release date was pushed back on the mini Komame plushie, the outfits we wanted were sold out, and all the good cakes were gone -- butttttt Kun-maybe-Tobin got her wings! ♥ Sooooooo cute~~~~ Be glad I have no good place to take photographs, or I would spam you with a billion of them. Then I had a yummy sort of carbonara with pumpkin for dinner, and once again went home to try to catch the bare minimum of sleep before the next day's events.

Sunday was Osaka Comic City (tiny! only two halls!), so Rachel, Paulette, and I headed down there to meet Irena and Rachel's friend who omg works for Capcom and is totally awesome. And a big Phoenix/Edgeworth fangirl, which explains so much about the English version of the games, lol. But most importantly, I found out the answer to the question I've had for a while, and I'M RIGHT AND FANDOM IS WRONG. \o/ SUCK IT, FANDOM.

Anyway, I got a couple AtoZuka doujinshi, some Roy/Ed, and a rather long Dean/Sam book by my favorite Supernatural circle (who has also branched out into Chronicles of Narnia, which is perfect for their style, but I soooo don't want to go there). There's no smex, unfortunately, but it wins just because Dean is stranded on a planet with a bunch of Docomo mushrooms. But actually, I was much more excited about my non-doujinshi purchases. I got a new cleaning cloth for my glasses, which is not only so much better than my old crappy one, but has Oshitari proclaiming his love for megane on it! There were two booths with the cutest original kitty artwork ever, and I got a bunch of postcards, an eco-bag, a cleaner strap for my DS, and a notepad. And at assorted other places, I got a necklace, a bookmark, and some stationery and a cell phone strap for gifts.

Then, because, you know, we hadn't spent enough money on porn, we headed off to K-Books and Animate and the Osaka Volks. I actually may have not bought anything. I was tempted by a post GS4 Phoenix Wright doujinshi because it had a super hot older!megane!Edgeworth on the cover, but other than that, the art wasn't that good, so I passed. We finished off the evening with dinner at some garlic place that had the best garlic bread evar.

So yeah. I went into work Monday morning having spent no more time in my apartment over the weekend than was absolutely necessary to sleep and shower. =_= Everything was awesomely fun, but no recharge time whatsoever. Monday, had to work late. Tuesday, realized holy crap, yes, all the applications for the big Volks event did have to be mailed together, and had to arrive by November 3rd, sent out a bunch of frantic e-mails, and met Rachel for a surprisingly filling vegan dinner, although my teriyaki tofu steak was more like tofu and less like steak than I would have liked. Wednesday, had to meet Paulette to get her application, and we were both in the mood for a movie, so we decided to see Eagle Eye instead of doing silly things like catching up on sleep or watching Supernatural. It was the right choice. Thursday, spent my lunch break and the post office and worked late again, but treated myself to dinner at McD's and a delicious piece of chocolate cake from the local bakery. Friday, met up Paulette again, as it was 31% off Baskin Robbins' double cone day, an event that is not to be missed. (Ghost World = ♥) And we swung by Animate so I could pick up my MaruMa OTP mug! Seriously, it has chibi-Yuuri and chibi-Conrad surrounded by sixty-three hearts. Even the handle is shaped like a heart! IT IS OBVIOUSLY CANON. Then I came home and went to bed. And spent a relaxing three-day weekend doing laundry and finally getting a chance to watch Heroes and Supernatural. Yes, an entire week without even a single spare hour to watch Supernatural. It was hell.

But now we can all rejoice in a new birth of freedom from batshit fundie Republicans! Thank you, America, for not repeating the same dumbass mistake as four years ago. I think, for the first time in my life, I'm actually excited about my country's president.
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OR: How many women can fit in a train car?

OR: Good God, I don’t even collect doujinshi; why on earth did I spend this much money??

x_x I never knew it was possible for so much doujinshi to exist. My arm will never recover.

But! That’s okay, because not only have I made my pilgrimage to one of Japan’s largest fandom events, as every fangirl should, but I made some awesome finds. Like the BEST ATOZUKA DOUJIN EVER, SRSLY.



Wait for it.

SUOH X NOKORU DOUJINSHI YES I AM SERIOUS MY ENTIRE LIFE IS VALIDATED NOW. >o< Yes, I am going to become one of “those” people and stalk this circle to every event they go to, because omg, Suoh x Nokoru doujinshi. This makes me so happy.

Kansai Super Comic City total haul:

Code Geass
3 Lelouch x Suzaku (2 for [ profile] rkold, 1 which I bought on a whim to resell for huge profit)
1 some other guy x Suzaku (for [ profile] rkold)

4 Suoh x Nokoru (i.e. everything they had)

5 Sam x Dean (but why no Dean x Sam? T_T I thought the Japanese got over the height rule already!)

original BL
2 Nekota Yonezou (Yamada D) original stories

Prince of Tennis
1 St. Rudolph gag book (sadly, the only Fujicest to be found was in novel form)
3 AtoZuka

Fullmetal Alchemist
1 Roy x Ed / Al x Ed / other!Al x Ed anthology
1 Elric brothers fan

There was so much awesome art everywhere~ I wanted to buy more (there was one 4-komi in an Ichigo x Ishida doujin that was so >o<!) but I had to watch my money, and there was also the thing about not being physically able to carry it all. Next time, I’ll be smart like the J-fen and bring an empty suitcase with me. And hopefully my plan to spend hundreds of dollars on doujinshi and then sell them for twice what I paid when I’m done reading them will work. XD;

And now, it is time to break in my new scanner. :3
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Kantou Megane Club = FUNNIEST TENIPURI DOUJINSHI EVER. FER REALZ. *wipes tear away* Oh, they so should have made this into a chibi ep.

link courtesy of [ profile] pinkcakerocks' gigunderbar Prince of Tennis doujinshi download entry
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1. One of the great things about Supernatural is that you can do all the cracky fanfic things like mpreg and gender-switch and make it so it's actually plausible. I'll actually be very surprised if there isn't canon body switching at some point during the series.

The problem with gender-switch fic of course, is which pronouns should you use? That of the character's current physical gender, or their original (what I would consider to be "actual") gender? I tend to say the latter, but that creates some really weird syntax sometimes.

Not that I'm actually considering writing gender-switch fic.




2. In which I squee. )

3. Ph34r mah Photoshop skillz!

click for 1280x960 version

Note that even though the two original photos look like they're two halves of the same photo, if you check the rearview mirror and the shadows on the ceiling, they're clearly not. And the tip of Sam's knife? ALL ME, BABY. I'm perhaps most proud of how I got rid of the watermark, though. At any rate, I rock, and more importantly, Sam and Dean are damn sexy. ^o^ Oh, and [ profile] extremefangirl made a wallpaper of it! But she hasn't posted it yet. ^^
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How could I have been so stupid? Why did I think lesboy would take this perfect opportunity to throw out his old, disgusting, expired food, when he could just sit around and wait for the refrigerator people to show up and move it from the old fridge to the new one? x_x Not only that, but he spread his stuff out all over the fridge, as if I don't need to eat or something. (I, not having the luxury of waiting around all day for the new fridge to show up, had put all my food in my parents' fridge.)

view the evidence )

I did take the time before my doctor's appointment though, to push aside the magnetic poetry and put up the Seigaku Princess Collection! )

That is not the worst part, though. After I put up my Seigaku magnets, I noticed a little bit of magnetic poetry next to the freezer handle. It read, "you are hot woman/so kiss me!!!" And my entire being went "WTF EW NO THAT HAD BETTER NOT BE FOR ME." >_> And when I came home from work, there was a "yes" and a "no" magnet underneath it. So I moved the yes magnet far far away. Maybe I should put it down the garbage disposal just to be safe.

Oh, but it gets better! Heather called the dress shop again, and was like, "Um.. we were told our dresses would be here in March, so where are they?" And the answer she got was, "Oh, well the old owner sabotaged all the orders before she left, so they might be coming in soon. Or not. The order might not have gone through at all. We don't know." So tomorrow (today), I get to call them up and bitch at them to get their asses on their computer and FIND our order and tell us EXACTLY when the fuck they will be here, as each of us has already paid them $70 for these piece-of-crap dresses and there's no way we can get new ones by July, since bridesmaids' dresses are apparently hand-sewn by 90-year-old midgets in Tibet using albino unicorn hair or something.

But wait, there's more! The brain is an awesome thing, because while you're driving along at 35 m.p.h. and some idiot soccer mom tries to turn into traffic whenever because she just doesn't feel like waiting for an opening, it can determine, in less time than it takes to blink, that yes, there is enough space between you and the nearest oncoming car to swerve completely into the oncoming lane to avoid said idiot and get back into your own lane safely, and it directs your hand to steer the car to do so faster than you can say "What the shit, bitch?!" Much love for the human brain.

So that was my fun day today.


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