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I got this message through today:

Name: DarkAngel048

Subject: Questions: respond by july 27!!

who does Mizuki H/yuuta fics often?!
who does fic requests?

respond by july 27!

Seriously? Seriously?? Are there really people out there who are this idiotic?

Today was so full of frustration. It was full of many wonderful things too, but man, so many times I wanted to explode. >:E
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I.... I don't think I can take this much ghey. I feel dizzy......

(Seriously, I'm amazed that my DS hasn't broken from the strain.)

This post brought to you by Capcom and Phoenix Wright 3, the gay that keeps on gaying.
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I just had this dream where me and two other people were looking for something, or trying to get somewhere, and we had just entered this surreal landscape. Someone mentioned something about a deck of cards, and suddenly, there was this deck, like on the side of a house, made out of playing cards. So we were like, "Whoa, it's like whatever's in your train of thought shows up..... nooo, bad thought, bad thought!" But of course the more you try to not think of something, the more you end up thinking about it, and we spent the rest of the dream running away from the train of thought.


I was also constructing rudimentary sentences in Spanish in my dream, like I greeted a Spanish-speaking person in Spanish, and they asked me (in Spanish) if I spoke Spanish, and I said, "Habla solamente una poca." Geez, I wish my brain was this on the ball when I was awake. >_>

It should be noted that I've had a fear of being run over by a train ever since seeing that episode of Sesame Street.
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Question: Which is worse?

1. That I am reading mpreg.
2. That I'm actually really enjoying it.

Of course, it helps massively that the impregnation of said male character was done in such a way as to be quite plausible in the universe of the story.

Lauren and Mike are up for Hanukkah, so we hung out today. We went to the humane society (Jackson and Sheddy McShedsalot are still there; Molly Brown and the kittens were adopted) and Building #19 (incl. encounter with Random Road Rage Man, who actually STOPPED IN THE MIDDLE OF MOVING TRAFFIC to yell at me, wtf, I have no idea why he was even mad at me, except that I possibly might not have let him change lanes when he wasn't using his turn signal. He was flipping his shit so randomly that we all couldn't help but laugh our asses off, and he chickened out and didn't get out of his manly red pick-up with the Dubya sticker on the back). Then we met her parents for dinner and all went to see The Pursuit of Happyness, which was very good. Nepotism rarely makes for a positive movie experience, but Will Smith's kid is actually a pretty good actor. Also was excited when the rolled the opening credits and I saw that Dan Castellenata was in it, because I fangirl him massively, even though his role was as un-Homery as it could possibly be. Anyway, the movie really spoke to me on a personal level with where I am in my life right now, and really showed me how lucky I am, and how fearful, and how much more I could probably achieve if I just reached for it. I'm really glad that I saw it.

That being said, I'm going back to my mpreg now. >3
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Normally I go the the Humane Society on Thursdays, but I didn't today because I got my period and was feeling crappy. And of course today is the day that the police two towns over found some guy living in a shed with over 60 cats. x_x Looks like it will be a busy weekend....


May. 20th, 2006 07:56 pm
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I just walked into the living room and saw Homer Simpson passionately kissing another Homer Simpson.

Even I was not prepared for that.


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