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Lol the first: Best Westerns in Japan are super-fancy. At least the one in Takayama is. My bathroom/shower is a glass box. (Awesome for a single; probably not so good an idea for a double. XD)

Lol the second: The fancy restaurant in the lobby was playing Pulp Fiction projected onto the wall above the bar.

Not lol: I got something (probably chocolate) all over my shorts, which of course are the only bottoms I brought with me. Luckily, they're camo, so it doesn't really show up much. Makes me glad I gave up on trying to squeeze in doing laundry last night.
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I finally made my decision: Pokémon White. I was leaning towards Black, but seeing the BW anime previews after the movie changed my mind. In motion, Reshiram's tuft looks even more like a penis. In contrast, Zekrom's tail has an electrical turbine in it! How cool is that? So, as usual, I'm going with the version that has the legendary that I like more.

By the way, the movie was sooooooooo boring. The plot is completely nonsensical, but basically there's a guy who wants to fist the Ass of Time.

Anyway, now I have another decision to make! I still have 4 days left on my Seishun 18, so from August 27th to 29th, should I go to Kanazawa, or Takayama? In either case, I'd go Friday night and come back Sunday night.

[Poll #1607453]

Actually, since the ticket is good until September 10th, I could do both, but I wouldn't be able to take a half day off on the 3rd. It would also mean missing half the Kansai Queer Film Festival. Hmm...

Now to go do chores, and NOT spend the whole evening reading Hourou Musuko, which is >o<.

[edit] Ehehe.. so I went and decided to do both. ^^; Takayama from the 27th to 29th, since it takes longer to get to, and Kanazawa on the 4th and 5th. I just now booked my hotels.

I also ended up reading another 30 chapters of Horou Musuko. >.>
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Back home. Brain is being useless at converting from vacation mode, as usual. (And icon is so true, especially when traveling in Japan. I had mine with me the whole time!)
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Lonely Planet can bite me; Hirosaki is well worth visiting. I had a great day today. I walked around the castle, went to the Neputa museum, saw a Tsugaru-jamisen performance, and rode a free rental bike through the temple district. For lunch, I had an apple (40 yen! Crazy!), apple pie, and apple vinegar with honey.

Yesterday was great, too, even though it involved a whole lot of sweating and an unfortunate encounter with a cow's tongue on a stick. Matsushima is beautiful, and the train ride from Morioka to Odate was lovely. Even though it was total BFI without even a separate track for each direction, it was the nicest local train I've ever been on. It even had a bathroom AND a trash can! Plus, Morioka Station has a Jupiter, so I was able to have a Dr. Pepper during the ride.

So sleepy, and need to get up early tomorrow to head back down south. And just think, today was my relaxing day. x_x
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In Sendai now, and feeling much better. Thanks to everyone who sent well-wishes last night. The group of Italian girls at the capsule hotel gave me some medicine, which almost made me take back all the bad things I had thought about them.

Sky Tree is not as impressive as it should be, actually. That's because the framework is so massive that it looks like it's much closer than it is. It's not until you get really close that you realize, oh, that steel beam that I thought was two feet across is actually six feet across. It's hard to believe that it's already much taller than Tokyo Tower, and it's only 2/3 finished.

Sendai seems like a nice place. The local specialty here is beef tongue, but after seeing a picture of how it's served, I decided my stomach wasn't up to it. The train ride here was lovely once we left Tokyo's urban sprawl. I took a little detour into Gunma-ken, just so I can mark it off my list of prefectures. That means this trip will take care of all of Kanto and Tohoku.

Must shower before bed, bleh. Want to sleep.
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So, this has turned out to be one of the worst days of my life. tmi ) *cry* I wanna go home*


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