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I finally made my decision: Pokémon White. I was leaning towards Black, but seeing the BW anime previews after the movie changed my mind. In motion, Reshiram's tuft looks even more like a penis. In contrast, Zekrom's tail has an electrical turbine in it! How cool is that? So, as usual, I'm going with the version that has the legendary that I like more.

By the way, the movie was sooooooooo boring. The plot is completely nonsensical, but basically there's a guy who wants to fist the Ass of Time.

Anyway, now I have another decision to make! I still have 4 days left on my Seishun 18, so from August 27th to 29th, should I go to Kanazawa, or Takayama? In either case, I'd go Friday night and come back Sunday night.

[Poll #1607453]

Actually, since the ticket is good until September 10th, I could do both, but I wouldn't be able to take a half day off on the 3rd. It would also mean missing half the Kansai Queer Film Festival. Hmm...

Now to go do chores, and NOT spend the whole evening reading Hourou Musuko, which is >o<.

[edit] Ehehe.. so I went and decided to do both. ^^; Takayama from the 27th to 29th, since it takes longer to get to, and Kanazawa on the 4th and 5th. I just now booked my hotels.

I also ended up reading another 30 chapters of Horou Musuko. >.>
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Sad face, for I have no more episodes of ST:TOS to watch. *emo tear* The final episode, though... lol forever. XD But I was disappointed that there was no money shot of girl!Kirk and his posse. Kirk and Spock were totally holding hands though, so that makes up for it. (The title also makes me want to rewrite it with Phoenix Wright characters.) Watching TOS only makes me appreciate even more how awesomely awesome Zachary Quinto was in XI. He really did his homework for that role. Oh, I can't wait for the wave of Star Trek doujinshi that I know is coming~~

RL has been so full of fail lately. Between sickness and stress and more sickness and insane humidity and laziness, I can't seem to do a single damn thing right. There have been a few cool happenings, though. I went to a kabuki production of Twelfth Night, which was awesome, and to a Hanshin Tigers game, which was also awesome. I met up with [ profile] konoha for festivalness and purikura and TeniPuri karaoke, and [ profile] misspaulette and I wore yukata to the Gion Matsuri parade (and had a really good purikura session afterwards). Yesterday's eclipse was pretty cool too, but of course it was overcast, so I could only catch a few glimpses of it.

In contrast to RL, Pokémon has been going awesome. I finally completely finished LeafGreen and transferred all my keepers to Diamond, and started playing Emerald. Emerald's keeping my interest a lot better, since it's not a rehash of something I've already played. And also because my game file is a Phoenix Wright AU where a Jirachi wish gone wrong has left Phoenix trapped in the body of Miles' Torchic. X3 Speaking of Jirachi... I has one! And yes, it's legit. Yay for Japanese wi-fi presents~ I also got the special Shokotan Pichu which lets you get the Gizamimi Pichu in GS. I haven't gotten movie Arceus yet, but I'll be doing that soon. I just hope that I don't actually have to sit through the whole movie to do it. :P I've also been getting a lot of good trades through GTS lately. Including an Usaring with Pokérus!!!! *throws confetti* So now all my pokes are infected/recovered. I also got a Shuckle named Noodle and a shiny Mew through [ profile] pokemon. The Mew is hacked of course, but who cares? It's Mew! ♥ OH and they have so many new plushies at the Pokémon Center!! I got a Snorlax and a sleeping Gizamimi Pichu which is the CUTEST THING EVER. I'm thinking of getting a Magikarp next time, just for the lols. The Lapras is really cute, too....

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I finished season 2 of Heroes. Thankfully, it got a lot better towards the end. It was like the writers suddenly realized, "Oh crap, everything we've done this season sucks! What should we do?" "How about incredibly gay incest? It worked last season!" Because seriously, that was not going in for a hug, that was going in for a kiss.

In other news, here, have a poll:

[Poll #1254547]

I need new icons. :/
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the good:

Kun arrived! ♥ And she's soooooo cute, especially in the dress [ profile] triplepunch made~ ^o^ I would post pictures if I wasn't so lazy. I want the 13th to come already, so I can order my Komame plushie!! >o<

Kun and I watched to the end of season 1 of Heroes together, and LOL, the "Kyoto" that Hiro goes to is nothing at all like Kyoto. I had a whole night of very strange dreams about incredibly gay superhero brothers running around places that were pretending to be Kyoto but not.

the bad:

I feel like a sucker. Well, that's because I am a sucker. And now I'm wondering again if I should just cut ties entirely. I realize I'm not flavor of the month anymore, and that's my issue to deal with, but that doesn't mean I deserve to be shoved aside and ignored like a discount bottle of Pepsi Blue Hawaii.

Speaking of flavor of the month, I should try to get down to Baskin Robbins today. :9

and the poll-y!

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Apr. 26th, 2007 01:20 pm
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I'm ridiculously excited, because after reconfiguring my router, I'm able to use my DS' wi-fi function. (I also gave the router a much cooler SSIN than the one lesboy had given it.) Anyway, if you're playing Pokémon Diamond/Pearl, give me your friend code! Let's trade Pokémon! And mystery gifts! And visit each other's secret lairs! My code is 0473 4272 4291.

[Poll #973822]

I had a good time hanging with the posse in Norfolk. The weather was soooooo nice~ We went to Busch Gardens, Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, and we saw wild bald eagles at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. Including a baby eagle! So cute!! Colonial Williamsburg was really interesting. The "interpreters", as they call them, at the plantation are amazing. I learned so much. And I somehow ended up with a season pass to Busch Gardens, so I'd really like to go down there again if I can manage it, especially since they have a new roller coaster opening next month.

Despite it having New Hampshire's state motto in the title, I wasn't really planning on seeing Live Free or Die Hard, but Justin Long as the damsel technogeek in distress? I may have to. I can already imagine the Die Hard/MacPC crossover fic. Plus, you just can't go wrong with helicopters blowing up.

Gah, I need to get dressed, but I can't stop playing Pokémon....


Jan. 26th, 2007 01:56 pm
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I want to knit lots and lots of scarves. :o If you would like for me to make you a scarf, fill out the poll!

[Poll #914575]

Scarves will be knit on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no guarantee your scarf will be finished in a timely manner, or at all. Emily reserves the right to override any of your decisions in the above poll at her sole discretion.


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