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Six weeks of studying, and I did worse on the second practice test than I did on the first one. I might as well just write off the last six weeks of my life as a complete failure.


Oct. 12th, 2010 07:44 pm
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You know what would have been smart? Taking a look at sample JLPT N3 tests before paying $70 to take it.

The good news is, the study books I bought happen to be based on a six-week course, and six weeks is about exactly what I have. Now I just need to find three hours a day to study. x_x Along with, you know, everything else that I need to catch up on. And of course, it coincides with the best time of year to go sightseeing and other stuff. Oh God, stress. ;__;
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*stabs another impossible-to-translate page*

New icon, yey.
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Apparently there is wank about the PW show? o_O

Anyway, I've been incredibly lazy lately, but I'm still on schedule with the senbazuru, and surprisingly, my Japanese course. I also got the most incredibly amazing doujinshi at Super Comic City. I wish I'd bought two copies so I could slice the binding off one and scan it. Oh yes! And I dragged [ profile] rkold to Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and scored an Alice and the Pirates sweater. Wish their dresses would fit me.

Crane count: 409 down, 591 to go.

rant tiem

Nov. 16th, 2008 04:00 pm
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When person A says, "Hey, I think this Japanese here says [this], but I'm not sure. Could someone clarify?" the correct response is NOT "[what A just said, but in a way that's ridiculously hard to understand], so therefore [thing that is clearly untrue]." And then follow it up with "Oh, well then I guess [the exact opposite of what I just said]."

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Pokémon Platinum would be a lot easier to play if you didn't have to talk to so many people.... @_@ But I set up my e-mail so I'll get a notice when I have a pokémon at the GTS center, and hopefully also about special events! ....Unless I turned e-mail notifications off. I'm not sure what that screen said. XD;;

(Oh, and you get one guess as to what I named my character. XD)

Of course, now I need to buy another DS so I can link with myself....


Feb. 7th, 2008 12:00 am
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Best day I got my period EVER.

Passing score: 240/400. My score: 248/400. LOL. It's good enough for me, though, 'cause I seriously thought there was no way I was gonna pass. Mostly I'm just glad that that weekend wasn't a waste.
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I can has blatherings about Asian Kung-fu Generation? )

I’m hoping that this string of good things, particularly situations which seem bad but turn out well, applies to the JLPT, too. I did really badly on the first two sections, but much better than I expected on the last section, which is worth half the test. So there is a very slight possibility that I may have passed, but I won’t find out until March or so. :x

This post has been brought to you by the letters A, K, and G, and the fact that I have no classes today. \o/
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JLPT is tomorrow (how can it be December already?!), and I'm not likely to pass. x_x But because there is a possibility of passing, I have to waste my whole weekend studying instead of going sightseeing during peak foliage time.

Anyway, I has a flickr page. But no pictures from Japan yet. I'm still uploading road trip pictures right now.
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I passed the JLPT! :D And as I suspected, it was just barely. ^^; My scores were 80/100 (writing and vocab), 53/100 (listening), and 152/200 (reading and grammar). I need to make some sort of study schedule for myself so I'll be better prepared for this year's, instead of waiting until the week before the test to start studying. >_> But for now, the point is, I passed! Yay!!!

[edit] Now that I've had some sleep and can do math, I see that I've done a little better than just barely passing. You need 60% to pass, and I got a little over 70%. Still, I'd like to do a lot better next time.

And now I'll go squee over the fact that I'm an official 4-kyuu in Japanese. XD
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4 hours on a cramped bus + running (literally) around New York City with a heavy backpack + 4 more hours on a cramped bus = OW HOLY CRIPPLING PAIN, BATMAN


The JLPT went about as I expected it to, which means whether or not I passed probably comes down to how well I guessed. ^^; Then I met up with [ profile] rkold, and we went to Book-Off (got 2 Tanaka Suzuki manga, 1 Nekota Yonezou manga, and Stance Punks' 2002 EP) and Kinokuniya (they didn't have the FMA calendar, so I didn't get anything). There was a kosher restaurant that Rachel had been wanting to try, so we went there for dinner, and OMG SO GOOD! It's called My Most Favorite Food, and it's right off of Times Square. I had potato gnocchi in a red pepper sauce. :9 And then a cake with layers of chocolate cake, vanilla cake, and white chocolate mousse for dessert! T^T It's pretty reasonably priced, considering the location, too. Then we went to Muse for karaoke, but we didn't have nearly enough time there before I had to go back to Chinatown to catch my bus. And I had to sit between a guy that reeked of pot and an old lady that smelled like rancid Chinese food. D: And this guy was snoring really loudly, and I had to pee and the bus never stopped at McDonald's or anything!!

Anyway, it was lots of fun, and I survived. XD
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As usual, once you start doing the thing you've been avoiding, it's not nearly as bad as you thought it would be while you were avoiding it. I'm going to have to scratch everything but studying and JET of my vacation to-do list though, because I realized I haven't studied nearly as much as I should have. Equivalent to one semester, my ass.

Skiddie got adopted yesterday. I'm glad that I was there to give her a good-bye hug. Jackson was feeling nice today and actually let me pet her for a bit before attacking me, instead of going straight to the attacking. Oh, and I got a better look at Paws, and she actually has seven toes on each foot.

Okay, time to get back to work.
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Okay, almost every song on the track listing page for Stance Punks' first album at is completely wrong. Romanizing 夢追狂の詩 as "Yume O Kuru No Shi"? WTF? So pleeeeeeeeeeease go here and vote for the changes I suggested~~ I'm only mentioning it because you only get a week to get a majority vote or the suggestion gets dropped, and Stance Punks has such a small fanbase that I'm worried it won't get any votes at all. ^^ Please? *wibbles*

I saw my brothers again on Thursday! :D I know I should hope for them to be adopted soon (and I think they will be, because they're sooooooooooo adorable and friendly) but I'll miss them so much! There's another cat there who just loves to be held and will try to sit on your shoulder if you let him. XD

A hot guy was checking me out today at the physical therapist. :3
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Just because I didn't think I was ever going to beat this into a place where I was happy with it.

But also, can anyone recommend any good books or websites for basic Japanese grammar? Specifically particles.


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