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Question: Which is worse?

1. That I am reading mpreg.
2. That I'm actually really enjoying it.

Of course, it helps massively that the impregnation of said male character was done in such a way as to be quite plausible in the universe of the story.

Lauren and Mike are up for Hanukkah, so we hung out today. We went to the humane society (Jackson and Sheddy McShedsalot are still there; Molly Brown and the kittens were adopted) and Building #19 (incl. encounter with Random Road Rage Man, who actually STOPPED IN THE MIDDLE OF MOVING TRAFFIC to yell at me, wtf, I have no idea why he was even mad at me, except that I possibly might not have let him change lanes when he wasn't using his turn signal. He was flipping his shit so randomly that we all couldn't help but laugh our asses off, and he chickened out and didn't get out of his manly red pick-up with the Dubya sticker on the back). Then we met her parents for dinner and all went to see The Pursuit of Happyness, which was very good. Nepotism rarely makes for a positive movie experience, but Will Smith's kid is actually a pretty good actor. Also was excited when the rolled the opening credits and I saw that Dan Castellenata was in it, because I fangirl him massively, even though his role was as un-Homery as it could possibly be. Anyway, the movie really spoke to me on a personal level with where I am in my life right now, and really showed me how lucky I am, and how fearful, and how much more I could probably achieve if I just reached for it. I'm really glad that I saw it.

That being said, I'm going back to my mpreg now. >3
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As usual, once you start doing the thing you've been avoiding, it's not nearly as bad as you thought it would be while you were avoiding it. I'm going to have to scratch everything but studying and JET of my vacation to-do list though, because I realized I haven't studied nearly as much as I should have. Equivalent to one semester, my ass.

Skiddie got adopted yesterday. I'm glad that I was there to give her a good-bye hug. Jackson was feeling nice today and actually let me pet her for a bit before attacking me, instead of going straight to the attacking. Oh, and I got a better look at Paws, and she actually has seven toes on each foot.

Okay, time to get back to work.
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Ms. Grouchypants got adopted! ^o^ And Skiddie got upgraded from Caged Cat to Free Range Cat. I was so happy to see her out of the cage~ Molly and Sheddy McShedsalot are still there, and there's a new cat that has six toes on each paw. Even though the Milford cats aren't ready to be adopted yet, adoptions are up because of people hearing about them, so overcrowding won't be quite as bad as it would have been. But it's really awesome when I go in and ask if there's anything specific that needs to be done, and I'm told, "Well these kittens here need to become more acclimated to humans, so just hold them for a while." Yeah. Like I said, best volunteer job EVER. >o<

And now, current events:


If you are this stupid, you should not be allowed on eBay. Or to be in control of large sums of money. Or to like, cross the street without holding on to someone's hand. I do feel a little sorry for the bidder, since the seller is being deliberately misleading, but really, if you're going to spend $900 on something, you need to do your homework. WELCOME TO INTERNETLAND.
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Sure, it looks funny in the movies, but a rabbit bite fucking hurts. Damn.

Sei-chan is still out of commission, but if I cut across the train tracks and through the cemetary, it's only about 1.5 miles to the Humane Society. Yesterday was warm and sunny; today it started pouring when I was about halfway there. >_> Plenty of interesting grafitti down by the tracks, though. The Milford cats aren't ready to be adopted yet, but the ones I saw all seem like nice cats. It wasn't as if the guy who had them was abusing them or anything, but you can't expect a guy who lives in a barn with 60 cats to be all there mentally. Two of them don't have any eyes, though. ;_;

Ms. Grouchypants is still there. I haven't seen Surly McDandruff lately, so she might have been adopted. Molly Brown is still there, too. She is the roundest cat you have ever seen, and generally pretty grumpy, but she LOVES to be brushed. She'll sit so proudly and perfectly still while you're brushing her, you'd think she was at the beauty parlor. X3 Skiddie is still there too, which surprised me. She's so beautiful, and affectionate, once she gets over her shyness.

There was a sad thing, though. There were two brothers caged side by side in the boys' room, Max and Moe. Moe got adopted, but Max isn't adoptable right now because he has a really bad respiratory infection. When I opened the door to his cage to change his litterbox, he was leaning out to look into Moe's cage, but it was empty! T_________T It was so sad. I'm even crying about it right now, because that's how lame I am. Of course, Wakare no Kyoku is playing, so that doesn't help either. *kicks angsty music about brothers* I hope whoever took Moe will come back for Max when he's better. :<

I miss Puppy~
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Normally I go the the Humane Society on Thursdays, but I didn't today because I got my period and was feeling crappy. And of course today is the day that the police two towns over found some guy living in a shed with over 60 cats. x_x Looks like it will be a busy weekend....
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Puppy got adopted. I miss her so much! I know that every cat is special, but Puppy was special. I still remember the first time we met~ I walked into the girls' room, and she was about 4 1/2 feet up the stack of cages she was climbing and gave me this look like, "What, you mean this isn't a normal activity?" And OMG so cute and tiny! >o< And always wanting to be held and cuddled! I hope she went to a good home.

Dusty is gone too.... He'd been there for a long time because his fur was really matted. During the time I've been volunteering, he made a lot of progress in allowing himself to be brushed, so I feel like I played a part in helping him find a home. ^_^

Ms. Grouchypants was quite a bit less anti-social this week, so maybe she will be next~

Oh, I got up crazy insane early this morning (i.e. 8:00) to make up that appointment I missed. And it went very well! :D More on that when I have a date scheduled for the surgery.


Oct. 10th, 2006 02:29 pm
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The brothers and Mr. Climbeypants were adopted. I'll miss them~~~~~ I hope they went to good homes. I spent most of my time in the girls' room today, and was assisted by a tiny black cat named Puppy who followed me around everywhere. XD I can see how she got her name.

Also, all the cats wanted to chew or lick me. o.O

Yayyyy someone voted yes for my Stance Punks changes~
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Okay, almost every song on the track listing page for Stance Punks' first album at is completely wrong. Romanizing 夢追狂の詩 as "Yume O Kuru No Shi"? WTF? So pleeeeeeeeeeease go here and vote for the changes I suggested~~ I'm only mentioning it because you only get a week to get a majority vote or the suggestion gets dropped, and Stance Punks has such a small fanbase that I'm worried it won't get any votes at all. ^^ Please? *wibbles*

I saw my brothers again on Thursday! :D I know I should hope for them to be adopted soon (and I think they will be, because they're sooooooooooo adorable and friendly) but I'll miss them so much! There's another cat there who just loves to be held and will try to sit on your shoulder if you let him. XD

A hot guy was checking me out today at the physical therapist. :3
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OMG >o< The Humane Society has a pair of cats who I swear to you are in an incestuous homosexual relationship. One is all black and the other is white with gray/black tabby splotches, and they absolutely WILL NOT sit or lie down unless they are completely tangled up in each other. SO. FUCKING. CUTE. If I had my own place, I guarantee you that they would be home with me right now.

Realized it's two months until the JLPT. Hahaha, color me screwed. x_x

Also, WTF Vanished, you betta not be playin' me that way.
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I went to the Humane Society today to drop off my volunteer application, and they have kittens!!!!!!!!1!!! >o<!!!!!! SO CUTE!!!! A tabby one and a grey one were wrestling and trying to catch eachother's tails, and another one was playing in the litterbox. XDD

When I came home, I saw that there was a praying mantis on the screen of the apartment above mine, so I knocked on their door to ask if I could get a better look. And the guy upstairs.... is a total scary fanboy type. DX Take every stereotype about fanboys you can think of, picture it about 65 years old, and that's him. He even had D&D figures lying around. ~__~ I feel unclean now.


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