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So, thanks entirely to [ profile] yhibiki, I downloaded Ai no Kotodama.

my thoughts on yaoi )

tl;dr GO WATCH IT NOW. >:E

In other news, I got good results on the mandatory company physical! It basically said, "Your weight in within the acceptable range. Please maintain it. Your blood sugar is a little low [a huge LOL for anyone who's spent a day with me], but you don't need to take any special measures. Please improve your eating habits by next time." The blood test was taken about 90 minutes after I'd had two chocopan for breakfast, too. XD

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First of all, [ profile] rkold and [ profile] misspaulette are sneaky, devious, awesome people. They planned a surprise birthday party for me! ♥ There was ice cream, presents, JET people, non-JET people, dollie people, non-dollie people, cheezburgerz, and all-night karaoke! ^o^ (Fastest seven hours ever, btw.) We didn't get the ¥10,000 parfait, but the group two tables over did.

Then we stumbled home around 6 Saturday morning to get some sleep before going over to Tenshi no Sato. Sato was a bit of a bust -- the release date was pushed back on the mini Komame plushie, the outfits we wanted were sold out, and all the good cakes were gone -- butttttt Kun-maybe-Tobin got her wings! ♥ Sooooooo cute~~~~ Be glad I have no good place to take photographs, or I would spam you with a billion of them. Then I had a yummy sort of carbonara with pumpkin for dinner, and once again went home to try to catch the bare minimum of sleep before the next day's events.

Sunday was Osaka Comic City (tiny! only two halls!), so Rachel, Paulette, and I headed down there to meet Irena and Rachel's friend who omg works for Capcom and is totally awesome. And a big Phoenix/Edgeworth fangirl, which explains so much about the English version of the games, lol. But most importantly, I found out the answer to the question I've had for a while, and I'M RIGHT AND FANDOM IS WRONG. \o/ SUCK IT, FANDOM.

Anyway, I got a couple AtoZuka doujinshi, some Roy/Ed, and a rather long Dean/Sam book by my favorite Supernatural circle (who has also branched out into Chronicles of Narnia, which is perfect for their style, but I soooo don't want to go there). There's no smex, unfortunately, but it wins just because Dean is stranded on a planet with a bunch of Docomo mushrooms. But actually, I was much more excited about my non-doujinshi purchases. I got a new cleaning cloth for my glasses, which is not only so much better than my old crappy one, but has Oshitari proclaiming his love for megane on it! There were two booths with the cutest original kitty artwork ever, and I got a bunch of postcards, an eco-bag, a cleaner strap for my DS, and a notepad. And at assorted other places, I got a necklace, a bookmark, and some stationery and a cell phone strap for gifts.

Then, because, you know, we hadn't spent enough money on porn, we headed off to K-Books and Animate and the Osaka Volks. I actually may have not bought anything. I was tempted by a post GS4 Phoenix Wright doujinshi because it had a super hot older!megane!Edgeworth on the cover, but other than that, the art wasn't that good, so I passed. We finished off the evening with dinner at some garlic place that had the best garlic bread evar.

So yeah. I went into work Monday morning having spent no more time in my apartment over the weekend than was absolutely necessary to sleep and shower. =_= Everything was awesomely fun, but no recharge time whatsoever. Monday, had to work late. Tuesday, realized holy crap, yes, all the applications for the big Volks event did have to be mailed together, and had to arrive by November 3rd, sent out a bunch of frantic e-mails, and met Rachel for a surprisingly filling vegan dinner, although my teriyaki tofu steak was more like tofu and less like steak than I would have liked. Wednesday, had to meet Paulette to get her application, and we were both in the mood for a movie, so we decided to see Eagle Eye instead of doing silly things like catching up on sleep or watching Supernatural. It was the right choice. Thursday, spent my lunch break and the post office and worked late again, but treated myself to dinner at McD's and a delicious piece of chocolate cake from the local bakery. Friday, met up Paulette again, as it was 31% off Baskin Robbins' double cone day, an event that is not to be missed. (Ghost World = ♥) And we swung by Animate so I could pick up my MaruMa OTP mug! Seriously, it has chibi-Yuuri and chibi-Conrad surrounded by sixty-three hearts. Even the handle is shaped like a heart! IT IS OBVIOUSLY CANON. Then I came home and went to bed. And spent a relaxing three-day weekend doing laundry and finally getting a chance to watch Heroes and Supernatural. Yes, an entire week without even a single spare hour to watch Supernatural. It was hell.

But now we can all rejoice in a new birth of freedom from batshit fundie Republicans! Thank you, America, for not repeating the same dumbass mistake as four years ago. I think, for the first time in my life, I'm actually excited about my country's president.
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I've been really excited about the upcoming Super Comic City, without being able to put my finger on why. And because I'm trying to distract myself from doing chores, I decided to check the Suoh/Nokoru doujinshika's webpage, even though I didn't think she would have a new book out. But not only has she just published a new book, it's R18! X3 WANT. Plus my favorite Supernatural circle will be there, and some really good-looking AtoZuka and FMA circles~~~ Why is it a whole week away? >o<
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And now, for another rousing edition of "Look At All the Crap Emily Bought!" I ended up NOT going to Comic City today after all, because there's a bigger one in August, and it's a lot of time and money and hassle just for some mediocre porn that I already have too much of anyway. Plus, the group that was going wanted to see Juno afterwards, which was all hell no. But I promised [ profile] rkold that I'd send her package today, and hey, I was already dressed, so I went down to Kyoto Station. In case you're wondering, Kyoto Station is where the central post office is, which is open all day on Sunday, and there's also a big craft store there, and I needed to buy some snaps for my h.Naoto skirt. (That's right, bitches, I said h.Naoto.) And the easiest way to get from the subway to the post office to the craft store without getting soaked because yay, rainy season, is to use the underground mall. And I was weak. But most of it was stuff I really did need. I got some socks and a couple calculators and a necklace stand at the 3 coin shop, where everything is ¥300. Of course, that's not including tax, so it's actually impossible to buy anything with 3 coins, but whatever. Then I went looking for the shoe store I had seen earlier, because they had Toppers, and I really REALLY needed a new pair of sneakers. But I was distracted on the way by a really cute blouse. >.> It was a little expensive, and I probably shouldn't have bought it, but it actually fit, and it's SO Japanese. So it can be my token Japanese girly shirt. I just need to find the right thing to layer it with. Then I found the shoe store, and they were cute and fit well and were actually not that expensive considering what shoes in Japan usually go for, and considering how hard it is to find shoes here that you can actually wear all day without wanting to shoot yourself, so I got them. And then I thought I was done, but a display of folding fans caught my eye. Of course the one I liked was the ¥3000 one in a display of ¥1000 ones, but it was really nice, and I really needed one, so I got it anyway. I was also tempted to get the Disney's Belle perfume that store had, but I didn't. XD The End. Until next week, when the sale at Black Peace Now starts. >_>;;
This shopping trip was brought to you by the numbers 7 and 11, which is the only place I can get cash on weekends. *fang*

But yes, I saw Indiana Jones yesterday! *fangirl* It was far from perfect; spoilers )

Back on the topic of doujinshi, last weekend I went with Ilona and [ profile] nightflight to a Phoenix Wright doujin and cosplay event. It was small, but fun. There were lots of good cosplayers, including a cute-as-a-button Apollo, a freaking amazing 6-years-ago Mia, a perfect Judge, and a Jean Armstrong, lololol. There was also a raffle, and Ilona won a pair of Gavinners or whatever the Japanese name of the band is guitar picks, which she gave to me. And if your birthday was in June, you got a bag of Godot's special blend coffee. As for doujinshi, there wasn't much for pairings that I like, but I got two Gavincest, one when they were younger, which I can fully endorse, and one just because it's a whole lot of really well-drawn cat-ear porn. Ironically enough, after explaining to my cohorts how Klavier and Apollo just didn't have that "spark" in the game, they sparked in my own mind, so I think I'm an official fan of the pairing now. ^^

Long sentences are long. Also rainy season sucks, even though it looks like we got off easy this year. Also, I want to punch American Guy in the face, but that's an entry for another time.

Oh, and I uploaded my old Yami no Matsuei music video to youtube. Validate me, plz.
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So, thanks to my upstairs neighbor who was being really loud all night long (not that I needed very much incentive), I finished GS4 last night. My thoughts: NEEDS MOAR EDGEWORTH.

spoilers )

I'm also enjoying catching up on Supernatural. But it's slightly nervewracking, because I take it way too seriously, and I hate having to put my trust in a group of writers, because they invariably end up doing something really stupid, like the werewolf episode. It's never good when you care more about a series' characterization and continuity than the writers do. ^^; Which is why I don't read mainstream US comics anymore, but that's a rant for another time. I just hope that the thing I've been noticing and really like (which is that Sam only goes postal on those who threaten or harm Dean) is intentional and not just a fluke on the writers' part.

Oh, I also saw Prince Caspian, like a week ago. It wasn't bad, but seriously, the entire script should have been rewritten. I mean WTF, if you can't fit everything from the book into the movie in the first place, it's not the time to go adding things that were never in the book to begin with?? I was VERY surprised about Eddie Izzard, though. I had no idea! Internet, you have let me down! All in all, it was well worth going, if for no other reason than REEPICHEEP PLUSHIE CUTEST THING EVER OMG. >o< And that is why Japanese movie theaters are better than American movie theaters.

And oh yes, I will kill anyone who spoils me for Indiana Jones. >:E
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I can has blatherings about Asian Kung-fu Generation? )

I’m hoping that this string of good things, particularly situations which seem bad but turn out well, applies to the JLPT, too. I did really badly on the first two sections, but much better than I expected on the last section, which is worth half the test. So there is a very slight possibility that I may have passed, but I won’t find out until March or so. :x

This post has been brought to you by the letters A, K, and G, and the fact that I have no classes today. \o/
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With the :O and the >o< and the >w< and the SLASH and wryyyyyyyyyyyy is Godot so sexy and cruel at the same time, and the Edgey angst, and did I mention slash? (Literally, more UST than you can shake a stylus at!)

Ahem. But actually, I've been doing other things besides sitting around playing PW3. No, not cleaning. I've become obsessed with the Darkly Dreaming Dexter series. Finished the first two novels in less than a day. (Can't find the third on BT, unfortunately.) Downloading TV series now. >_> 'Cause yeah, I need more ways to waste my time. But you know when a book alludes to a guy wanting to date his older brother, it's FTW. XD

[edit] Holy adjhfgakwhrgja, "It wouldn't be right for us to discuss things so intimately."??!!?!!!?!! JESUS, WOULD THE TWO OF YOU GO HAVE SEX ALREADY THE UST IS KILLING ME!!!!!
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OR: How many women can fit in a train car?

OR: Good God, I don’t even collect doujinshi; why on earth did I spend this much money??

x_x I never knew it was possible for so much doujinshi to exist. My arm will never recover.

But! That’s okay, because not only have I made my pilgrimage to one of Japan’s largest fandom events, as every fangirl should, but I made some awesome finds. Like the BEST ATOZUKA DOUJIN EVER, SRSLY.



Wait for it.

SUOH X NOKORU DOUJINSHI YES I AM SERIOUS MY ENTIRE LIFE IS VALIDATED NOW. >o< Yes, I am going to become one of “those” people and stalk this circle to every event they go to, because omg, Suoh x Nokoru doujinshi. This makes me so happy.

Kansai Super Comic City total haul:

Code Geass
3 Lelouch x Suzaku (2 for [ profile] rkold, 1 which I bought on a whim to resell for huge profit)
1 some other guy x Suzaku (for [ profile] rkold)

4 Suoh x Nokoru (i.e. everything they had)

5 Sam x Dean (but why no Dean x Sam? T_T I thought the Japanese got over the height rule already!)

original BL
2 Nekota Yonezou (Yamada D) original stories

Prince of Tennis
1 St. Rudolph gag book (sadly, the only Fujicest to be found was in novel form)
3 AtoZuka

Fullmetal Alchemist
1 Roy x Ed / Al x Ed / other!Al x Ed anthology
1 Elric brothers fan

There was so much awesome art everywhere~ I wanted to buy more (there was one 4-komi in an Ichigo x Ishida doujin that was so >o<!) but I had to watch my money, and there was also the thing about not being physically able to carry it all. Next time, I’ll be smart like the J-fen and bring an empty suitcase with me. And hopefully my plan to spend hundreds of dollars on doujinshi and then sell them for twice what I paid when I’m done reading them will work. XD;

And now, it is time to break in my new scanner. :3
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I'm getting a little freaked out. First, I layout a whole plotline for a Supernatural fic, then the next episode I watch uses the exact same idea. Then I write a scene for another fic with Sam yarfing into a toilet, and two eps later, Sam is yarfing into a toilet.


SPN 2x12 WAS SO SO SOOOOOOOO FREAKIN' GOOD. FBKAERYBGKLEPOAO. And yet ANOTHER reference made to Sam and Dean being a couple, and Dean agreed!!!!!11!!
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1. One of the great things about Supernatural is that you can do all the cracky fanfic things like mpreg and gender-switch and make it so it's actually plausible. I'll actually be very surprised if there isn't canon body switching at some point during the series.

The problem with gender-switch fic of course, is which pronouns should you use? That of the character's current physical gender, or their original (what I would consider to be "actual") gender? I tend to say the latter, but that creates some really weird syntax sometimes.

Not that I'm actually considering writing gender-switch fic.




2. In which I squee. )

3. Ph34r mah Photoshop skillz!

click for 1280x960 version

Note that even though the two original photos look like they're two halves of the same photo, if you check the rearview mirror and the shadows on the ceiling, they're clearly not. And the tip of Sam's knife? ALL ME, BABY. I'm perhaps most proud of how I got rid of the watermark, though. At any rate, I rock, and more importantly, Sam and Dean are damn sexy. ^o^ Oh, and [ profile] extremefangirl made a wallpaper of it! But she hasn't posted it yet. ^^
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Thank you so much to everyone who sent me a Christmas card! ♥ Pac-Man stickers from [ profile] kanaliya~ Fujicest blobs from [ profile] pengiesama~ And OMG, candies and the cutest card ever from [ profile] event__horizon!! ToT When I got the notice about a package I had to sign for, I thought it was my package from Japan, so I didn't go to the post office because that got delivered the next day. Then yesterday I got another notice, and I really had no idea what the package could be! I was so surprised!! ^_^ *snuzzles on teh Nat* I ate the bell-shaped thingy with the filling today~ It was yummy~~~

So, I didn't want to bring anyone down by saying this sooner, but yeah, worst Christmas ever. I'm not too bummed about it, because it was pretty clear from the start that it would be. Between the freakishly warm weather and everything being put aside for my grandmother's surgery, there was no feeling of Christmas at all this year. It's like it didn't even happen. I didn't even go to Christmas Eve services, because I'd forgotten to take my medicine that day. :/ And to top it all off, when we got to my other grandmother (the batshit insane one)'s house for dinner, we found out that she's had the mother of all colds for the last 2 weeks and didn't say anything to anyone because what she loves more than anything else is being a martyr. God forbid we should bring her dinner when she's sick, when she could wreck herself over it and make US all sick instead. >_> I had to leave work early tonight because I could barely stand up without getting dizzy, and now I've got a painful cough. Of course, I'm about to flip out and go postal at work anyway, because I am the only person there who is not a FUCKING MORON, but that's a rant for another time.

I seem to have finally broken my addiction to [ profile] stupid_free and certain other LJ comms. By becoming addicted to Supernatural and Pokémon instead. -_-; I mean, why spend hours trolling the internet for wank, when I can be checking my download rate every 5 seconds instead? And what LJ drama could match the heartbreak of finding out that my Pokémon Silver cartrige, which had all my best Pokémon on it, including my very first Pokémon, Pickachu from Yellow, had lost its memory function? That last sentence had too many embedded clauses.

But yes. Supernatural. I almost stopped watching after the first two episodes 'cause Sam was whiny and Dean was an asshole with absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Seventeen episodes later, Sam is still a little whiny, but OMG DEAN. LOVE. SO MUCH. LIKE FOR REAL. *o* There aren't even any words to say. He is my new favoritest person ever. (And yes, I was in love with the show even before this clip, but that completely sealed the deal. XD) The sad part is, I think I'm going to have to break down and get the DVDs for season 1, because I'm already wanting to watch the episodes again.

Also, to certain people: putting blatant spoilers in the descriptions of your crappy Supernatural/Panic! At The Disco fanvids on YouTube? LAME.
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I was in the middle of getting dressed for the company party today when Mr. Postman stopped by with my package!!! (They actually tried to deliver it yesterday but no one was home, one day shipping from Japan, wut.) I didn't have time to open it before the party, but as soon as they let us out, I ripped that sucker open and put the cd in the car.


#1 They've completely given up all pretense that Prince of Tennis is a shounen series.
#2 Oishi's first line completely melted me. Chb;vkjsher Kondou's voice is amazing. Oishi had better be getting his own album in April. And this album had better have a) another Golden Pair duet, and b) a REAL Tezuka/Oishi duet, because that is just necessary and Kimi wo Sagashiteta just doesn't cut it, no offense to Taka-san and taking Tezuka out for drunk karaoke. But seriously, Okiayu and Kondou, singing together? I nearly orgasm just thinking about it.
#3 「ちょっと待ってくれよ、英二」Yes, I was giggling insanely in the middle of traffic. And they're like, singing each other's names and stuff. Yes. OMG. Fangirl.
#4 There is no possible way "Song For Us" can NOT be construed as a romantic ballad.

ALSO! My STANCE PUNKS cds came with a completly unexpected tin! Probably because Bubblegum Viking just came out and I got a first pressing, which I may have noticed if I'd read the webpage more closely. I love it! It's silver with the flaming skull logo on it! I have no idea what to put in it!

And yaaaaaay, CCD box set! The artwork for discs 5 & 6 is highly disturbing, though. o.O I'm trying to tell myself that I don't like the cover for discs 1 & 2 either, since I hate Suoh/Nagisa, but they both look so cute, it's hard. Anyway, the important part is chibi omake! Which I don't have time to watch now because I have to go do last minute Christmas shopping. x_x

*bounces off*
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x__x I just spent a shitload of money at CDJapan.....

The main thing was the CCD DVD box set. Don't ask me to rationalize that purchase. I know it's not the world's best anime, but I NEED IT SO SHUT UP. :P At least the exchange rate's more favorable now than it was when it was first released.

Then, since I'd already decided I was getting that, I was checking to see if they perchance had the Fujicest pull charm that [ profile] rkold showed me because it is SO FREAKING ADORABLE AND I WANT IT AND [ profile] sailorstarsun, IF YOU SEE THEM WHILE YOU'RE IN JAPAN, PLEEEASE BUY ME ONE OR TWO OR SEVEN I WILL PAY YOU BACK YOU KNOW I'M GOOD FOR IT. >o< Uh, anyway, they didn't have that, but hello Golden Pair single being released on the 20th? How did I miss that?? By completely avoiding fandom, I know. Like there's any way in hell I'm not scooping that up and sleeping with it under my pillow at night. So that went in the cart, too. And I figured that since I was already hemmorhaging money, I might as well get the two Stance Punks albums I don't have, since they don't yet have a big enough fanbase that their stuff can be stoled on teh intarwebz. Plus, it's my duty to transliterate their lyrics, or something.

And I didn't even order the FMA calendar I wanted, but since those have to ship separately anyway, I figure I'll order it once the points from this order are applied to my account. Yay, discount!
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*spazz spazz*

OK Go concert = EFFING AMAZING. So much.

The show started with a local band called Scamper. Their songs were all chord-based rock; nothing too original, but very very good. The next band was The Cinematics. Think Simple Minds meets Franz Ferdinand. They were incredible. Just wow. And the lead singer is hot times nine billion. He had this great '80s haircut, and looked like he just stepped out of Ferris Bueller's Day Off. And the Scottish accent? Yeah. Rwar.

And then OK Go! >o< And I was way close up front! So not only was I out of the path of the speakers so my ears didn't get murdered, but I had an awesome view of everyone, especially Tim, Damian, Damian's legs, and Damian's crotch. X3 They had a big projection screen behind them which played different things during different songs, and it worked really well. Especially during "Invincible", when they showed not the video itself, but all the stuff blowing up in the video. During "Here It Goes Again", it was a trippy treadmill design. XD They were all dressed in the style of "Oh No" too; Damian had this really cool tie pin, and Andy was so cute in his suit, and Tim was pimpin' like always. About the third song in, Damian goes, "Okay, who in this audience is a good musician?" and I'm like, "Me! 8D" and he gives me this kind of suspicious look and then hands me a miniature tambourine with the OK Go logo on it!!!!!!!! They threw some more out into the audience, but mine is specialer because it was personal. ^o^ Plus the song they played then was "Don't Ask Me", which is one of my favorites. It kind of broke during "It's A Disaster", but somehow settled itself out. ^^;

About halfway through the show, they went into the middle of the audience and did really nice intimate versions of "A Million Ways" and "What To Do." Then they went back onstage for the rest of the concert, and they finished (way too soon!) with the "Million Ways" dance. The screen in the background showed the same shot of Damian's backyard from the video, which made it all that much cooler, but OMFG, seeing Tim and Damian dance like that only 5 feet in front of me. I thought I was going to faint from the sexiness. And the fangirls all screamed when Damian and Andy were dancing together. XDD

Then the sucky part! The band didn't come out afterwards. D: Which was odd, because they nearly always do. Me and a group of girls I kind of assimilated into waited until security kicked us out, and then we hung out at the merch table. I got the OK Go DVD, and the Cinematics single. Then we were hanging out some more, and who do I see at the coat check, but Scott, the hottie lead singer from The Cinematics! So I asked him to sign my single, which he did, and then he gave it to the drummer to sign, and as we were chatting, the bassist showed up, so he signed it too. I mentioned that I really wanted to have my tambourine signed by OK Go, so Scott (have I mentioned how incredbly hot he is?) took it backstage for me!!!! ^______^= Of course, it was during that time that The Cinematics' guitarist showed up, and Scott had my silver marker, so he had to sign my single in regular black ink. ^^U So even though I didn't get to see OK Go personally, I did get my tambourine autographed, plus the really really really really hot rock star guy was nice to me! *flails*

Then I got horribly lost on the way home, because it was dark and rainy and only my third time driving in Boston. ^^; Like that matters when I have total awesomeness to sustain me.

You should see the bruise on my thumb from that tambourine.... XD;;

Oh yeah, and go listen to The Cinematics at their website.

for my own reference - song list )
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So, I finally got around to watching the first ep of Heroes. My reactions:

1. Hee, brotherslash~
3. Heee, brotherslash~~~~~ <3

Hm. What happens tomorrow will affect the rest of my life. Little nervous. ^^
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I have a new fandom.

Yes, a shiny new fandom that makes me squibble with glee and steals my icon space and causes me to be late for work because I'm too busy reading fic.

A new fandom that makes me swoon and flail and grin stupidly at the wonderful slashy love between two so similar and yet so different, taught by society to hate each other, and yet inexplicably drawn towards one another.

And what is this new fandom, you ask? Why, 'tis this.

x_x Could I possibly be any more of a geek?
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God damn, why is Gale Harold so fucking hot?? It like, hurts to look at him. But in a good way.

semi-spoilers through Vanished 02 )
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First of all,'s Seduction of the Innocent section is the most brain-breaking thing ever. Period.

And now to reveal my dirty little secret:

Until this past week, I hadn't watched any anime in months. Like I seriously can't even remember how long. But Yuuta's reached critical mass, so I finally bit the bullet and watched the rest of Gakuen Heaven and Princess Princess so I could clear up some space on my hard drive.

cut in case you're really serious about spoilers )

I've been really desiring arabesque music lately. Does anyone have any good stuff they could pass along? Like, if you had the Lawrence of Arabia soundtrack, I think I would love you forever.
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I had a ConYuu dream last night~~~~~ ^____^ Conrad had this huge Yuuri complex (just like in the real MaruMa) and he was helping Yuuri become the Maou (just like in the real MaruMa) and it started out on all kinds of slashy crack (just like in the real MaruMa) and then went on some weird and boring tangent that had nothing to do with anything (just like in the real MaruMa). But then there was OMG TEH BIG EXPLOSION!!1 and Conrad wrapped his Strong And Tender Seme ArmsTM tightly around Yuuri as they both dropped to the ground *squeeeeeeeeeeeeee* -- to protect him, of course. (Just like in the real MaruMa!) And it was even nicer since the role of Yuuri was played by me. ^_^=

But waa, I'm trying to get used to typing Conrad with a C instead of a K, but I just can't! ;_; I know it's the official spelling, but... well, it shouldn't be! These are all supposed to be German names, so it should start with a K! Of course, the "official" spelling of Yuuri is Juli, and no way that's gonna happen. Hmm... maybe Konrad feels so much more natural for me because I was living in Minnesota when I learned how to spell. When we moved to the east coast, it took me a really long time to get used to seeing names like Erik and Karl spelled with a C.

Anyway, I'll give in on Conrad, but you'll get my Jozak when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers.
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1. I am lazy.
2. Do not drink beverages while watching Whose Line is it Anyway?
3. Tostitos do not make a complete meal.
4. This is the absolute best thing ever.


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