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Six weeks of studying, and I did worse on the second practice test than I did on the first one. I might as well just write off the last six weeks of my life as a complete failure.


Oct. 12th, 2010 07:44 pm
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You know what would have been smart? Taking a look at sample JLPT N3 tests before paying $70 to take it.

The good news is, the study books I bought happen to be based on a six-week course, and six weeks is about exactly what I have. Now I just need to find three hours a day to study. x_x Along with, you know, everything else that I need to catch up on. And of course, it coincides with the best time of year to go sightseeing and other stuff. Oh God, stress. ;__;
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I am in such a horrible, lazy, zero motivation slump, and I HATE IT. And what I hate even more is that I can't seem to get out of it. I was really almost going to do stuff last weekend, but then spent most of Saturday and Sunday with bad vertigo. I even had to skip ikebana class, which only comes once a month, and which I already missed the last two times. >:| Having Pokémon White around to waste all my time on doesn't help, either.

The weather has turned lovely recently. Of course, I can't open my windows and enjoy it because they're renovating the building next door to me. And this is Japan, so "next door" means literally less than 6 feet away.

That also means that it's time for Lawson's Aki no Rilakkuma Fair again. Japan peeps, please save your Rilakkuma points for me if you're not saving them up for yourself? (Mandy, I'll trade you my Coke points!)

I'm almost scared to watch the season premiere of Supernatural. If they do what it seemed like they were going to do at the end of S5, it's probably going to ruin the entire series for me. :/

Almost forgot the most important thing! KYOTO KRISPY KREME OPENS OCT. 1!!!!!! I've seen the location, and there's nowhere to put a 2-hour line. I wonder what they're going to do about that.

LJ is still made of fail, in case you weren't aware.
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So, this has turned out to be one of the worst days of my life. tmi ) *cry* I wanna go home*


Jul. 31st, 2010 01:32 am
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Why do two of the most amazing and wonderful people I have ever met have to be leaving within a week of each other?

And why am I not in bed yet?
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FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF I'm supposed to put on my yukata in an hour and a half, and I can't find my obi. T____T Why am I so full of fail.
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Why so much stressssssss T___T
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So much painnnnnnnnnnnn.... >.<

And this is on prescription medication! And between the three different kinds of medication and the holyshitow PAIN right in my fucking head, of course my brain is useless. So naturally this would be the time that all kinds of idiots are PMing me about things on DoA, PLUS I have a Japanese test that has to be mailed out by Monday or I fail the whole course. Lovely timing there. Sorry to people who wanted to do stuff this weekend, but it's probably not going to happen.

Anyway, have a funny video.

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Sad face, for I have no more episodes of ST:TOS to watch. *emo tear* The final episode, though... lol forever. XD But I was disappointed that there was no money shot of girl!Kirk and his posse. Kirk and Spock were totally holding hands though, so that makes up for it. (The title also makes me want to rewrite it with Phoenix Wright characters.) Watching TOS only makes me appreciate even more how awesomely awesome Zachary Quinto was in XI. He really did his homework for that role. Oh, I can't wait for the wave of Star Trek doujinshi that I know is coming~~

RL has been so full of fail lately. Between sickness and stress and more sickness and insane humidity and laziness, I can't seem to do a single damn thing right. There have been a few cool happenings, though. I went to a kabuki production of Twelfth Night, which was awesome, and to a Hanshin Tigers game, which was also awesome. I met up with [ profile] konoha for festivalness and purikura and TeniPuri karaoke, and [ profile] misspaulette and I wore yukata to the Gion Matsuri parade (and had a really good purikura session afterwards). Yesterday's eclipse was pretty cool too, but of course it was overcast, so I could only catch a few glimpses of it.

In contrast to RL, Pokémon has been going awesome. I finally completely finished LeafGreen and transferred all my keepers to Diamond, and started playing Emerald. Emerald's keeping my interest a lot better, since it's not a rehash of something I've already played. And also because my game file is a Phoenix Wright AU where a Jirachi wish gone wrong has left Phoenix trapped in the body of Miles' Torchic. X3 Speaking of Jirachi... I has one! And yes, it's legit. Yay for Japanese wi-fi presents~ I also got the special Shokotan Pichu which lets you get the Gizamimi Pichu in GS. I haven't gotten movie Arceus yet, but I'll be doing that soon. I just hope that I don't actually have to sit through the whole movie to do it. :P I've also been getting a lot of good trades through GTS lately. Including an Usaring with Pokérus!!!! *throws confetti* So now all my pokes are infected/recovered. I also got a Shuckle named Noodle and a shiny Mew through [ profile] pokemon. The Mew is hacked of course, but who cares? It's Mew! ♥ OH and they have so many new plushies at the Pokémon Center!! I got a Snorlax and a sleeping Gizamimi Pichu which is the CUTEST THING EVER. I'm thinking of getting a Magikarp next time, just for the lols. The Lapras is really cute, too....

[Poll #1433861]
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It's not as if I've lost anything, other than my own unreasonable hopes, but I can't help feeling unbearably lonely.

But better to accept an unpleasant truth than continue to let my heart be someone's doormat.

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I took a thousand dollars out of the ATM yesterday, partially to prepare for Dolpa, and partially just to see if it was possible. I have $200 of that left. T_T

Granted, a huge chunk of that went to shipping Genji and buying my Shinkansen tickets to Tokyo. Aside from that, I dropped a man at Uniqlo (lolol, reading that is so not the same as saying that), bought two pairs of heels and pair of boots, and various other accessories. And I got a cool tie that would be perfect for the red v-neck sweater that I don't have yet, except that the shirt I wanted to wear under the sweater doesn't fit anymore because I've gotten fat. *sigh* The shoes are really really cute at least; I just wish I had more opportunity to wear them. And that they wouldn't kill my feet, which they probably will.

Okay, time to stop emoing. Stressful week us going to be stressful enough without that shit.


Oct. 10th, 2008 04:47 pm
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Holy damn, I need someone to karaoke Prince of Tennis songs with. D:
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It must be nearly ten years now that I've been dreading the end of this month. I know it's stupid, but knowledge doesn't change anything. I feel like my life is over, the good part anyway, and it wasn't even all that good. For a while, I was gonna plan a big party, I really was, but now it's like, what's the point? All of what, maybe three people would show up? Add to that workplace stress, gaining weight, getting "dumped" again by the same person I should have never given another chance to in the first place, shitty generic meds, burning my mouth and being in pain 24/7 for nearly a week now, and not being able to eat a single fucking proper meal because I don't even have room in my kitchen for a goddamn cutting board, never mind where the fuck am I supposed to keep a pot to boil water in, and well, I've been having a time of it lately.

I'm so tired of everything. Of being a constant failure, of being the perennial unpopular girl, of never being able to get my life -- sorry excuse for one that it is -- under control, of never being able to have a relationship because of something that happened 20 years ago, of never being able to accomplish anything, of wasting time instead of living. I always thought that someday things were going to be different, but now I don't think they ever are. I wish I could set fire to my life and start over. I wish I could at least be a psychopath so I didn't have to feel anything. I wish I could get a decent night's sleep for once and not feel like I've been run over all the time. I wish I had the guts to accept that the people I want to care about me don't.


Sep. 4th, 2008 09:02 pm
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Well, I decided to set a deadline for September 16, because that will make it three months. Still not sure what I'll do then, whether I should actively cut all ties, or just set phasers to ignore.

I feel so miserably shitty lately, and Heroes is not helping because season 2 sucks ass. And this stupid song makes me want to cry.
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the good:

Kun arrived! ♥ And she's soooooo cute, especially in the dress [ profile] triplepunch made~ ^o^ I would post pictures if I wasn't so lazy. I want the 13th to come already, so I can order my Komame plushie!! >o<

Kun and I watched to the end of season 1 of Heroes together, and LOL, the "Kyoto" that Hiro goes to is nothing at all like Kyoto. I had a whole night of very strange dreams about incredibly gay superhero brothers running around places that were pretending to be Kyoto but not.

the bad:

I feel like a sucker. Well, that's because I am a sucker. And now I'm wondering again if I should just cut ties entirely. I realize I'm not flavor of the month anymore, and that's my issue to deal with, but that doesn't mean I deserve to be shoved aside and ignored like a discount bottle of Pepsi Blue Hawaii.

Speaking of flavor of the month, I should try to get down to Baskin Robbins today. :9

and the poll-y!

[Poll #1250996]
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The unthinkable -- dare I say, the unspeakable -- has happened.

Japan is in the middle of a butter shortage. ToT

I was able to skip out of work today and go to the Gion Matsuri parade, which was awesome, but I only took one picture before my camera decided that all my batteries were dead. >.> And I have lots of work to do to get ready for Fuji tonight so I can go to the baseball game tomorrow. It's the prefectural quarter-finals or something like that.

This spastic and discombobulated post is brought to you by the letter stress.
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Things were going so well, then crash and burn. You think I'd learn eventually.

Fuck this, I'm gonna do dishes and go back to playing GS4.
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JLPT is tomorrow (how can it be December already?!), and I'm not likely to pass. x_x But because there is a possibility of passing, I have to waste my whole weekend studying instead of going sightseeing during peak foliage time.

Anyway, I has a flickr page. But no pictures from Japan yet. I'm still uploading road trip pictures right now.
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Ugh. I swear, if I was made of any more fail, I'd be a black hole.

In addition to getting basically nothing at all done over the weekend, now I can't sleep. At all. Luckily, there's no classes today, so I can probably beg off on nenkyuu. But I'm still extremely pissed off at myself, and furthermore, what the freaking hell is wrong with my internet.

Oh, [ profile] rkold I never did get around to ordering those DVDs, so don't expect them to be showing up. >.>


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