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Vacation was kind of meh. It was a combination of super-awesome (surprise bottles of Midway and XCDL13 in the mail, Shinsaibashi's getting a Krispy Kreme) and super-suck (e-mail getting hacked, customs lost one of my packages). The weather was terrible, so I wasn't able to go out and do much sightseeing, and even though it was the perfect opportunity to clean and study, I didn't do much of that, either. So now I feel unfulfilled and irritated with myself.

I finished the Edgeworth game. It was fun, but needed more Phoenix. It would have been awesome to play against Phoenix as Edgeworth. I liked the "logic" addition, but sometimes some of the connections you had to make were completely illogical. I also liked being able to point out contradictions in the evidence right away instead of having to wait for the right person to say the right thing at trial. I didn't feel that any of the storylines were particularly captivating, though.

I cleaned out my shower, including the drain, which was a major accomplishment, and I remembered to go to the year-end band concert, even though I forgot to go to the yearly faculty photo. I uploaded a bunch of photos to my flickr page, but not enough to keep from falling a year behind. >.> I sold Kira and Minoru, although Minoru is on layaway, so his box will still be taking up space in my apartment for a few months. And another DoA user whose name starts with p and ends with adme79 was using MY photos to sell HER Minoru, which is NOT on.

About ten people came to my hanami party, and everyone said they had a good time, so I was happy. ^_^ The sakura where we were could have been more in bloom, but the weather was nice and the spot was peaceful, and even had a covered picnic table where the dolls could be safe from sun and dogs. Photos are here, but you probably need to be a member to see them.

I'm not really looking forward to going back to the grind, but at least this year I have no first period classes!
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The higanbana are blooming, and summer is finally over... is the entry I've been meaning to make for the last 3 weeks or so now. I don't know why I find it so difficult to update my journal these days. It's not like I'm spending my time doing anything useful.

Anyway, Silver Week was awesome. Besides sitting around doing nothing, [ profile] misspaulette and I went to Universal Studios Japan. I can see now why it's so popular: it's made to look exactly like America. Much like Costco, but with thrill rides instead of 24-packs of canned tuna. The buildings of course have that uncanny valley look of theme park buildings designed to look taller than they actually are, but I was really impressed by the details. Poured concrete sidewalks with painted curbs! Trees with metal grates around them! Fire hydrants and blue mailboxes! A trash can next to every streetlight! I'm pretty sure the Japanese tourists were laughing at us. The area around the Jaws ride made me feel especially nostalgic, since it was made up to look like New England.

But OMG the crowds. INSANE. The line for Jurassic Park was 190 minutes. (We went in the singles line for that one.) We only just barely made it to the 5 major rides, and only because we sat right outside Spiderman to watch the parade, so we were able to get in line when it opened again for about 10 minutes before the park closed. It was a lot of fun, though. I especially liked Back to the Future and Spiderman.

The next day, I put Tobin in one of her new Dolpa dresses and took her to Sato. She was incredibly popular, and we had a hard time leaving because people kept asking me if they could take pictures of her with their dolls. But really, can you blame them?

IMG 4375

Sato also had a billion tiny baby koi in their pond. SO CUTE.

On the last day of vacation, a big group of us went to Osaka to see Cirque du Soleil. It was amazing. If you've never been, it's well worth the ticket price to see it at least once. It's unbelievable what those people are able to do.

The next weekend, I went to Hirakata Park, which is an amusement park halfway between Osaka and Kyoto. It's a lot smaller and less exciting than USJ, but they have a lot more rides, and you can actually go on them because there are practically no lines at all. They've also got a beautiful rainbow colored Ferris wheel which looked stunning against the blue sky and puffy white clouds. And an alpaca tried to eat my cell phone.

More recently, I got to hang out with [ profile] rkold while she was here, so now I have a DSi and puzzle games and candy! :D Which also means I won't be having a life for the forseeable future. Plus I have more shampoo and deodorant, which not only I but my coworkers thank you for, Rachel. ^_~ ♥

Sighhhhhhh I need to get off my lazy ass and be productive. >.> As soon as I get over this cold thingy.
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Sad face, for I have no more episodes of ST:TOS to watch. *emo tear* The final episode, though... lol forever. XD But I was disappointed that there was no money shot of girl!Kirk and his posse. Kirk and Spock were totally holding hands though, so that makes up for it. (The title also makes me want to rewrite it with Phoenix Wright characters.) Watching TOS only makes me appreciate even more how awesomely awesome Zachary Quinto was in XI. He really did his homework for that role. Oh, I can't wait for the wave of Star Trek doujinshi that I know is coming~~

RL has been so full of fail lately. Between sickness and stress and more sickness and insane humidity and laziness, I can't seem to do a single damn thing right. There have been a few cool happenings, though. I went to a kabuki production of Twelfth Night, which was awesome, and to a Hanshin Tigers game, which was also awesome. I met up with [ profile] konoha for festivalness and purikura and TeniPuri karaoke, and [ profile] misspaulette and I wore yukata to the Gion Matsuri parade (and had a really good purikura session afterwards). Yesterday's eclipse was pretty cool too, but of course it was overcast, so I could only catch a few glimpses of it.

In contrast to RL, Pokémon has been going awesome. I finally completely finished LeafGreen and transferred all my keepers to Diamond, and started playing Emerald. Emerald's keeping my interest a lot better, since it's not a rehash of something I've already played. And also because my game file is a Phoenix Wright AU where a Jirachi wish gone wrong has left Phoenix trapped in the body of Miles' Torchic. X3 Speaking of Jirachi... I has one! And yes, it's legit. Yay for Japanese wi-fi presents~ I also got the special Shokotan Pichu which lets you get the Gizamimi Pichu in GS. I haven't gotten movie Arceus yet, but I'll be doing that soon. I just hope that I don't actually have to sit through the whole movie to do it. :P I've also been getting a lot of good trades through GTS lately. Including an Usaring with Pokérus!!!! *throws confetti* So now all my pokes are infected/recovered. I also got a Shuckle named Noodle and a shiny Mew through [ profile] pokemon. The Mew is hacked of course, but who cares? It's Mew! ♥ OH and they have so many new plushies at the Pokémon Center!! I got a Snorlax and a sleeping Gizamimi Pichu which is the CUTEST THING EVER. I'm thinking of getting a Magikarp next time, just for the lols. The Lapras is really cute, too....

[Poll #1433861]
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I never thought I would be saying this, but Costco is so amazing! It's like being instantly teleported back to the U.S. We lol'ed so hard at all the Japanese people with their giant shopping carts filled with boxes of bulk cereal, a 20 oz. soda (with free refills for only ¥80!!) in one hand and a hot dog in the other. It's like some kind of crazy theme park where people go to play American. And they sell DS games! I could have saved 10 bucks by getting Platinum there! But then I wouldn't have been able to get my Secret Key today, so it's all good. *pets the shiny mystery gift*

Let's see what I bought.... brownie mix, American mayonnaise, canned chicken, canned tuna, 75 packets of instant cocoa, a 24-case of Dr. Pepper, microwaveable popcorn (I usually hate the stuff, but I have no way to pop real popcorn, and I'm that desperate), MUFFINS, and two slices of pepperoni pizza~ T^T So disappointed that they didn't have Lucky Charms, though. I regret not getting the Tim Tams, but I was barely able to get everything home as it was, so oh well.

Next time, I'm bringin' the BIG suitcase.
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Pokémon Platinum would be a lot easier to play if you didn't have to talk to so many people.... @_@ But I set up my e-mail so I'll get a notice when I have a pokémon at the GTS center, and hopefully also about special events! ....Unless I turned e-mail notifications off. I'm not sure what that screen said. XD;;

(Oh, and you get one guess as to what I named my character. XD)

Of course, now I need to buy another DS so I can link with myself....
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With the :O and the >o< and the >w< and the SLASH and wryyyyyyyyyyyy is Godot so sexy and cruel at the same time, and the Edgey angst, and did I mention slash? (Literally, more UST than you can shake a stylus at!)

Ahem. But actually, I've been doing other things besides sitting around playing PW3. No, not cleaning. I've become obsessed with the Darkly Dreaming Dexter series. Finished the first two novels in less than a day. (Can't find the third on BT, unfortunately.) Downloading TV series now. >_> 'Cause yeah, I need more ways to waste my time. But you know when a book alludes to a guy wanting to date his older brother, it's FTW. XD

[edit] Holy adjhfgakwhrgja, "It wouldn't be right for us to discuss things so intimately."??!!?!!!?!! JESUS, WOULD THE TWO OF YOU GO HAVE SEX ALREADY THE UST IS KILLING ME!!!!!
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Case 4 too, but case 5 omg.
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I.... I don't think I can take this much ghey. I feel dizzy......

(Seriously, I'm amazed that my DS hasn't broken from the strain.)

This post brought to you by Capcom and Phoenix Wright 3, the gay that keeps on gaying.
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*sigh* The internet is full of fail today. Perhaps some of those underwater intartubes were damaged in the earthquake?

Anyway. After the cheezless cheezburger incident, the next time I went to McDonald's, I got a regular cheeseburger and scraped everything off. It tasted okay, but it just wasn't that good old trashy plain cheesburger taste that I'm used to, which is really the only point of going to McDonald's. So tonight, emboldened by hours of playing Tadashii Kanji Kakitori-kun on the DS, I decided to try again. I walked in, and with no sign of nervousness, recited my line: 『ダブルチーズバーガーバリューセットおねがいします、でもバーガーとチーズだけ、なんでもないもう。』 The cashier and I seemed to have an understanding, and I thought I was golden....


When I got my cheeseburger, there was still ketchup and mustard on it. D: I'm thinking that maybe the desire to eat something without any sauce on it is a difficult concept for the Japanese mindset to grasp.

But anyway, it's fall, so everyone that makes any kind of food product has a special "fall flavor" they're putting out now. Trips to the conbini are exciting, indeed. *sips on a Mystery Fruits Fanta*

Oh, damn.

May. 28th, 2007 01:36 am
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Edgeworth heaved a sigh as he slumped into his fancy leather desk chair. He massaged his temples, waiting for the two aspirin he'd just taken to start working.

"Rough day?"

The prosecutor looked up to see a spiky-topped silhouette leaning against the doorframe to his office.

"You ought to know," he grumbled, "seeing as how you're the cause of it."

Wright's grin was easily visible as he crossed the dimmed office. He leaned over Edgeworth's chair.

"I can promise that the night will more than make up for it."

>< Curse you, Capcom! *shakes fist* And you two as well!


Apr. 26th, 2007 01:20 pm
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I'm ridiculously excited, because after reconfiguring my router, I'm able to use my DS' wi-fi function. (I also gave the router a much cooler SSIN than the one lesboy had given it.) Anyway, if you're playing Pokémon Diamond/Pearl, give me your friend code! Let's trade Pokémon! And mystery gifts! And visit each other's secret lairs! My code is 0473 4272 4291.

[Poll #973822]

I had a good time hanging with the posse in Norfolk. The weather was soooooo nice~ We went to Busch Gardens, Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, and we saw wild bald eagles at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. Including a baby eagle! So cute!! Colonial Williamsburg was really interesting. The "interpreters", as they call them, at the plantation are amazing. I learned so much. And I somehow ended up with a season pass to Busch Gardens, so I'd really like to go down there again if I can manage it, especially since they have a new roller coaster opening next month.

Despite it having New Hampshire's state motto in the title, I wasn't really planning on seeing Live Free or Die Hard, but Justin Long as the damsel technogeek in distress? I may have to. I can already imagine the Die Hard/MacPC crossover fic. Plus, you just can't go wrong with helicopters blowing up.

Gah, I need to get dressed, but I can't stop playing Pokémon....
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I decided to go to Wal-Mart after work. In the sale aisle, they had Easter eggs with Princess Jasmine on them. It's like, let's try to offend as many people as possible!

But anyway, I got to play a demo of Pokémon Diamond, which was a little lame, 'cause it was super short and all it lets you do is battle a couple of youngsters. I also downloaded the demo of Disney Meteos, which is super addictive. That one's going on my wish list. This little kid was watching me play it with a mixture of supreme awe and jealousy, which would have been cute, except why the hell are people bringing their kids (three of them, two under 7) to Wal-Mart at 1:30 in the freaking morning???? I also got a cute little carrying case for Kaz, which I've been eyeing since even before I got him. (Kaz is my DS, btw. Full name: KAZ 2Y5. Why? Because he's black and shiny, and because DS stands for Dean/Sam, of course! See icon if you're confused.)

But the main find was in the DVD bargain bin: Short Circuit! If my popcorn maker wasn't dirty, I'd have myself a cheesy '80s movie mini-marathon right now!

And yes, I did remember to buy sunscreen and a new pedometer, which was my reason for going in the first place.


Apr. 8th, 2007 11:42 pm
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I swore I would not spend the entire weekend playing my new DS Lite.

I lied.

Goodbye, life~


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