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Fuji hike in two weeks. x_x What the hell was I thinking, seriously. Though since we're starting from the 5th station, the vertical climb is not that much more than Mt. Washington, so maybe it won't be so horrible?

In completely unrelated news, I'm reading a book called The Tin Star, which I picked up because it's about gay cowboys, and even though it's published by one of those "online publishers", it didn't look like it was horrible.

I was wrong.

Dear God, it's so awful. Almost comically awful, but not quite. There's absolutely no sense of plot structure or dramatic tension or theme (beyond gay=good, homophobia=bad), the characters are unbelievable, and holy crap, the dialogue. At first I thought that the author had never heard how real Texans talk. Then I found that she (I'm assuming the author's female because of the ridiculous hoops the bio jumps through to not mention a gender) actually lives in Texas, wut. Does not compute. Even I could write better than this, if I could come up with something worth writing about.

Of course I will finish it, because there is sexx0rz.

What I really want to read are the next Dexter and Nightrunner books. I reread the first two Dexter books, and badly wanted more, so I tried watching the series again, but it's just such a disappointment in comparison. :/ I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and place an order soon. I think I still have one gift certificate lying around somewhere in this mess of an apartment. *sigh*
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First of all, to the asshole that stole the one-offs from NY Dolpa: way to go, fucktard. I wouldn't be surprised if Volks never holds another Dolpa outside of Japan again, thanks to you. I just hope you're stupid enough to try to sell them.

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I have nothing to do at work for the rest of the month. Rec me your favorite Project Gutenberg books?
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I finally finished reading Paul Clifford, the book that no one knows, but everyone's heard of. (It's the one that starts, "It was a dark and stormy night.") When Mark Twain made his rants about brevity of writing, I think that this was the book he had in mind. Though the author makes some very good points about the criminal justice system, and there's one excellent pun ("make up for my absence with my presents") the whole thing is the very embodiment of tl;dr. My particularly favorite quote:

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It's actually considered by many to be one of the worst books ever published, and the horrible prose isn't helped by the author's enormous ego. At one point, he interrupts the story to rant for 60 lines about how Thomas Moore was full of shit on some point or other, and it's just like, dude, who the fuck do you think you are?? Then at the end, he's like, "Now that I've blown your mind with my amazing plot twists, I'll explain everything to you," when I had guessed the big surprise about 1/3 of the way in. Yeah, whatever there, Mr. "Let's End This Sentence With 168 Exclamation Points" Bulwer-Lytton.

In case you're wondering why I bothered to read the whole thing, the main reason is because I was in serious need of a hardcore English workout. But also because I hate myself. But now that it's out of the way, I can read about gay Arthurian knights! \o/ Yay!
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With the :O and the >o< and the >w< and the SLASH and wryyyyyyyyyyyy is Godot so sexy and cruel at the same time, and the Edgey angst, and did I mention slash? (Literally, more UST than you can shake a stylus at!)

Ahem. But actually, I've been doing other things besides sitting around playing PW3. No, not cleaning. I've become obsessed with the Darkly Dreaming Dexter series. Finished the first two novels in less than a day. (Can't find the third on BT, unfortunately.) Downloading TV series now. >_> 'Cause yeah, I need more ways to waste my time. But you know when a book alludes to a guy wanting to date his older brother, it's FTW. XD

[edit] Holy adjhfgakwhrgja, "It wouldn't be right for us to discuss things so intimately."??!!?!!!?!! JESUS, WOULD THE TWO OF YOU GO HAVE SEX ALREADY THE UST IS KILLING ME!!!!!
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my quiz results, let me show you them )

I finished HP7. thoughts behind the cut )

Speaking of children's literature being ruined by Hollywood, the new Dark is Rising movie makes me want to vomit. >_>
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-_______-; My tummy is feeling better, but now I've got a cold. Stupid body. *stabs*

And damn I happened to hit on a day when their discount roulette for Supernatural S1 was on 45%, so I had to buy it. The problem is, they've found me out, so every time I visit their site, they keep suggesting all these gay romance novels that you just can't find in bookstores! Some of them are absolutely ridiculous, like this, or this one (what is that in his pants anyway, a canteloupe?), but some actually look really good. I, um, got one about cowboys and one about pirates and one about knights and wizards. >_> Well, the last one I'd been planning to get for a while, since I'd already heard it was really good, and was just waiting for it to come out in paperback.

Football party today at work~


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