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*sigh* So many things that I want to post, but can't find the time before I forget about them. (Can't find the time = too lazy.) I've been trying to type up something about my trip, but every time I try, I bore myself too much to keep going. :P

I joined a gym. I haven't started going yet; the orientation is tomorrow. I can't say as I'm really excited about it, since I really don't want something else that's going to eat away at my already poorly-managed time, but I'm so sick of continuing to put on weight and feeling blah all the time. Without a gym, the only exercise I can do is walking, which isn't a really good option for me, since I have foot and knee issues, and I can't be out in strong sunlight for long periods of time. I know that going to the gym is not only going to improve my body, but also make me feel better emotionally, and probably help me use my time better, but I still can't get myself excited about it.

The good part is, I'll have a workout buddy. I'm not sure if I've posted about the new AET at my school other than my initial worries about her, but she turned out to be really cool. We have lots of things in common, but not so many that I feel like I'm in competition with her for my identity. Anyway, we'll be going to the gym together.

But still.... *clings to free time* ;__;

I went and saw The A-Team. I'd heard it was bad, and I already knew from seeing the previews that I wouldn't like it (because in order for me to like it, Murdock would have to be spot-on, and I could already tell he wasn't), but I had to go see it anyway. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it definitely wasn't good, either. So much of it was like.... Why is this happening? What does this scene have to do with the plot? Why are they trying to make Face the main character? Why did the van have to get destroyed? Why is Hannibal's hair dyed for only one scene? Why do I feel like the costume designer has never seen the actual show? Why in the name of God are Face and Murdock calling B.A. Bosco?! WHY WAS THERE NO MONEY SHOT OF A CAR FLIPPING OVER???? Not to mention, obvious CGI was painfully obvious. The script and plot should have been re-done entirely. The only time it really felt like The A-Team was when they broke Murdock out of the hospital with the movie set-up. That was a moment of genius. The poor guy who played Murdock tried, but they really should have gotten someone else for him and Face. B.A. was surprisingly good, but Liam Neeson was only barely passable as Hannibal. Mostly, the whole thing was just disappointing. (And the thought of the fic that people are going to write using nu-team characterizations makes me cringe, not that A-Team fic was that great to begin with.) It does make me want to marathon the original series again, though.

(All of this brings up the age-old heartbreaking question: Why was there never an A-Team/Knight Rider crossover? They were on the same network at the same time! It would have been the most epic epicness to ever epic.)
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Okay, so....

In A-Team fandom, Face has been cast as the weepy, raped, abused uke who cries in his sleep and secretly has even more issues than Murdock. Just... why, people? Is it because he's pretty? Is it because he's an orphan? I mean, if you really want to write about someone being gang-raped and tortured in a Viet Cong POW camp and going crazy from it, isn't the obvious choice sitting right over there with his invisible dog? (Not that I advocate anything like that, because I love my Murdock, but come on.)

I was browsing through one of the less cringeworthy of these fics, and while much of it was like, "uh, no," there were a couple parts that were so perfectly spot on that they made me squirm with glee. And I will paraphrase them here, because I am too lazy to go look up the fic again. (It's from a series called "About Face" if you really want to find it.)


SCENE: Face has just been released from prison on parole, and he and Murdock are driving through the Sierra Madres when they notice that they are being tailed by the associates of a gang member that Face pissed off while in prison.

MURDOCK: You got your gun?

FACE: Murdock, I was paroled two hours ago! Where am I supposed to get a gun?!

MURDOCK: Glove compartment.


SCENE: Face and Murdock have been pulled from a mountain river by the local sheriff, who is now threatening Face with parole violation (Face maintains that it was Murdock's gun and he never touched it) and grumbling about their "city boy ways".

SHERIFF: So, you mind telling me why your friend was carrying a gun, then?

FACE: Hunting?

SHERIFF: Hunting. With a revolver. Of course! Why not; you went white-water rafting without the raft!

FACE: [turns on his million-dollar smile] We city boys sure like to do things differently, don't we?


Gyah! If you can write them that well and that in-character, then why do you deliberately choose not to??????????? T__T For most of the rest of the fic, Face was a self-hating emo bitch, so I stopped reading. I get enough of that in my own life, kthx.

There was a plotbunny up for adoption on that archive that tickled my muse. The person who came up with it had it as a B.A. solo fic, but I think it would be really interesting as a B.A. and Face genfic. *pets the bunny some more*
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Most A-Team fanfiction is slash. Which means I've avoided most A-Team fanfiction like the plague. I find it squicky, because as you know, I am a canon whore, and I just really really can't see any of those couples happening.

That is, I couldn't see any of those couples happening.

Until S3E5.

Uh, yeah. So I'm not completely opposed to Face/Murdock now. (I'm so easy. XD) Slash or not though, most A-Team fanfiction still sucks. D: Maybe I should work on that fake!slash idea of mine where Face and Murdock have to pretend to be boyfriends for a job.

Also, in S3E1, there's a shot where Mr. T. is wearing really short shorts and going up stairs, and for about two frames, you can see his underwear. Season 3 Disc 1 FTW. \o/
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Just finished S1D2 (The Out-of-Towners) and came to a realization. Hannibal really enjoys war. No, not subjugation and killing, but creating a battle plan and outsmarting your opponent. And blowing things up. He's definitely a born soldier. Which must have made being betrayed by the Army that much worse for him. It's hard to think what Hannibal would be like if he could have a normal life. I think he'd go crazy from too much peace. ^^

Speaking of crazy, Murdock is love. ♥ (As if anyone didn't know that already.)

Also, this show has got some of the worst continuity and dubbing. Watching a whole DVD is like eating 10 pounds of Twinkies in one sitting. XD Oh '80s, your cheesy awesomeness lives on.
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How much would I pay for an episode of The A-Team where Face and Murdock had to pretend to be a couple?

FACE: Oh, Hannibal, you can't be serious.
HANNIBAL: Why not? You know, back in ancient Greece, they had a whole army made up of men and their male lovers. The idea was, there's no one you'd fight harder for than the guy you love. Neat, huh?
FACE: Yeah well, that was a long time ago, and these days, the army kicks you out for that kind of thing. [to AMY] Which is not why I got kicked out of the army, by the way.
AMY: Right.
MURDOCK: Aw Hannibal, I don't wanna be paired with Face! He's a cheater! [glares at FACE] He even cheats at cards! [FACE effects indignation.] And you know how badly I deal with break-ups. Why don't you put me with the big guy here? [drapes an arm around B.A.'s shoulders]
B.A.: Don't touch me sucka, or you're gonna spend the rest of your life eatin' through a straw.
MURDOCK: Aw, c'mon B.A., I know you love me.
B.A.: [brandishes a tire iron] If you're lookin' for somethin' to be shoved up your ass, fool, I can accomodate.

[ profile] konoha is probably the only person on my flist who gets this. ^^;;


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