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I have to say, the gym is really nice. A million times nicer than the one I tried going to in the States, for significantly less money. (I'm on a reduced plan, though, so I can only go for 90 minutes a day, which is why it's less expensive.) Every time I use a weight machine or an exercise machine, what I do and for how long is recorded via infra-red on my personal gym wristband. Then I can put that info into the Big Computer, which tracks my activity as well as weight, blood pressure, and body fat. The locker room is super nice and clean, there are free foot massagers, and all the exercise machines have their own built-in TV. There's a pool, too, and lots of classes.

However, even though the gym itself is cheaper, I didn't think when I signed up about how much it would cost to go to the gym and back every day. >_> It's almost twice as much as the membership, which is a real kick in the teeth. On the days that are not too hot/cold/rainy/busy, I can probably ride my bike there, but that almost defeats the purpose of going, and I'd probably still have to pay to park my bike.


Date: 2010-08-26 03:35 pm (UTC)
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Swimming pool! ♥

But yeah that is actually what stopped me from using my gym membership a lot. I had either had to pay a fortune for parking or walk 30-40 minutes one way there (or cycle there in heavy traffic ~.~) If parking had been free.... that and it was super expensive each month. I don't know what I will do post baby since my time will no longer be my own. I will say other than 1 reading, I have awesome blood pressure since I have that checked now really often along with my weight lol


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