Jul. 3rd, 2010

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I don't think I've mentioned it here, but one of my main sources of stress is that my parents sold their house and are moving to North Carolina. The main reason for this is that they fangirl some fundie Christian speaker who lives in NC, and have thus been convinced that NC is the land of milk and honey. But I'm very amused that the town next to the town they'll be living in is called Gay. Anyway, this means that every day, I get long, frantic e-mails and/or phone calls from my mother about what of my stuff that's in the basement should be gotten rid of, and what should be put into storage. I also need to do stuff like change my permanent address, and I don't even really know how I'm supposed to go about that.

Skipping Japanese class right now because I'm feeling sickish and it's monsooning out. Got some cute shirts on sale at Peace Now and Algonquins yesterday with [livejournal.com profile] rkold. One of them doesn't fit, but I'll keep it around as inspiration to exercise more. I was very good and didn't buy any skirts, only tops.

For Japan peeps, I've got my Toy Story 3 ticket, and WILL be going opening day (7/10). Probably to T-Joy, since it's the closest to Kyoto Station, and also their sound system is spectacular. Who's with me?
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"Sickish" turned into an all out cold. The upside of this: tea. I bought some tea at Lupicia a while back, because even though I'm not a tea drinker, it smelled just too good not to try it. But I hadn't drunk any, because who wants to drink tea in the middle of summer? So today I tried it for the first time. Oh. My. God. Amazing. I've been drinking Fantasy and Peach Melba, and they are both the best thing you can put in a cup. No way can I go back to choking down Lipton after this.

After weeks of training, I've finally evolved my Pupitar into Tyranitaur, which means I've now completed Gen I and Gen II of my pokédex. Current count, 461 seen and 436 obtained. Goal: complete pokédex by Sept. 18.

I have a new manga obsession: Shounen Maid. I saw this at Animate, but didn't buy it, because it was in the BL section, and this is Japan. It turns out that my fears were well-founded, as a few minutes on google told me that there's a completely unrelated manga with almost the same name ("Shounen Maid Kuro") which is hardcore shota rape/torture porn. >_< DNW. But Shounen Maid itself is adorable! And not shota at all, at least not yet. (After all, this is Japan.) It's about a neat-freak grade schooler named Chihiro who's sent to live with his rich, emotionally needy, boderline-hikikomori uncle when his mother dies. Chihiro was taught by his mother that he should always work honestly for everything, so he refuses to live off his uncle's money. Rather than force him to stay against his will, Chihiro's uncle offers him a job as his housekeeper, and lols ensue. The art is amazing. Since the current trend in porny manga is "screw plot development, put sex in the first chapter" (a rant for a different time), I'm pretty sure that if this was going to get skeevy, it would have already gotten skeevy. That's what I keep telling myself, anyway. The first two chapters are scanlated here (not very well, since they got the uncle's name wrong when the furigana is right there), and raw scans of the first two volumes are here. If I wasn't already overwhelmed with stuff, I would totally scanlate it myself. I might anyway. I LOVE that Chihiro is not being forced to work as a maid, or being taken advantage of in any way. And it's pretty sad that that's something I find refreshing in a manga.


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